The Scarf: A Timeless Fashion Accessory

Saturday, March 30, 2019 | 1:59 am

Scarves have been around for centuries, yet they seem to fit into today’s modern fashion collections as easily as they did when they were first invented. Come take a walk with us and learn out how scarves first came to be.

Meredith Miller, co-owner of Meredith M, wants you to know a little about scarves, because they are timeless fashion accessory and an important component of the highly curated fashion accessories collection at her namesake store in Altadena.

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Scarves are not a modern invention. In fact, they date back to Ancient Egypt when Queen Nefertiti favored wearing a woven scarf worn rather expensive headpiece.

Early forms scarves also appeared in China around 1000 BC. In sculptures of the era, Chinese soldiers wore rectangular fringed scarves that were believed to have designated their military rank.

In ancient Rome scarves were more utilitarian than decorative. Men used them to wipe away sweat and other grime on exceedingly hot days. Fast forward to the French Revolution, cravats dyed certain colors, including blood red, designated who you supported.

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When Napoleon was Emperor of France – he sent his wife, Josephine, scarves from exotic locations like India. Over the years she amassed a collection of more than 400 scarves. While these were usually pashmina, late additions to her collection were made of cashmere. In the 19th century, Queen Victoria regularly wore a cashmere shawl – just like the “warmers” sold at Meredith M. – until she found them to be impractical.

Practicality was at the forefront during the World War I when women knitted goods such as scarves to send to soldiers abroad. Silk scarves were also worn by wartime pilots to stop chafing on the neck.

When the War ended, silk designs became increasingly popular thanks to automation and more efficient ways of manufacturing scarves. Liberty of London became famous for its brightly colored printed scarves while famous French fashion house Hermès began to create its iconic silk squares. Meredith M sells plenty of stand-out designs inspired by this time in particular.

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While these were notoriously expensive, the invention of rayon – otherwise known as artificial silk – allowed consumers to get in on the scarf trend at all price levels. With the advent of World War II muted colors were once again on trend, but as soon as the war ended the color palette became vibrant once more.

The likes of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn were seen parading in stylish Hermès scarves – even wearing them around their heads in a new style.

Now, scarves have never gone away. Worn by the wealthy just as much as the average person, anyone can afford a brightly colored design if they so choose. Head to Meredith M., and browse the many scarves on offer. Join a fashion trend of the ages, and take a little piece of history home for yourself or as a gift.

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