The Tools of The Trade

Dental tools have come a long way since the days of drills and wrenches. Flintridge Dental Studio knows this and employs only the latest instruments in dental care.

Thursday, July 4, 2013 | 1:17 pm

A trip to the dentist always invokes fear and dread with patients.

Dr. Harmik Derhartounian of Flintridge Dental Studio aims to change this sentiment by making sure patients today don’t have to go through the discomfort of patients of old.

“We go through great lengths to make it as comfortable and as pain-free as possible,” says Dr. Derhartounian, about a visit to his dental studio.

To help the good doctor live up to his promise, he uses the latest technology available in dental care to ensure patients don’t go home hating him.

“I started to use and implement lasers in our practices. So we use the laser on several facets of work; like treatment of gum disease, which at times patients are forced to go through surgery and a lot of unpleasantries,” says Dr. Derhartounian.

The laser can also fill simple cavities that “requires no anesthetic or very little anesthetic,” says Dr. Derhartounian, and can even be used for root canals, perhaps the most dreaded of dental procedures.

The laser is also “particularly great when it comes to teeth whitening technology. It’s great for surgery as well because you can perform treatment without using a scalpel. And the healing time is cut down in half,” Dr. Derhartounian adds.

One of the tools Derhartounian uses that is sure to emit a sigh of relief in patients is the Wand. A computerized anesthetic delivery system that renders needles obsolete.

“What it does is as it goes in, it injects the anesthetic so you feel more comfortable,” says Dr. Derhartounian.

Another tool that Flintridge Dental Studio employs is the Intra-Oral Camera. Basically, it is a miniature video camera that displays a close-up view of the inside of a patient’s mouth. Why is this amazing? Because patients can now participate with each dental decision, and at the same time gives them an idea how much or how little work needs to be done.

No more second guessing if an extra service is needed since you can see for yourself.

What about radiation emitting x-rays? In the old days, when patients had an x-ray scan, dentists had to wear a large lead-lined vest to protect them from the radiation. For patients, being exposed to something even your doctor is afraid of getting may be cause for alarm. But nowadays, the x-rays of old are replaced by digital x-rays that have much less radiation.

“We have 3D CT Scan Cone Beam Technology which is like an MRI or CT scan,” Dr. Derhartounian explains. “The Cone Beam Technology basically delivers a far more accurate image with 75% to 80% less radiation.”

Along with the high-tech tools Dr. Derhartounian uses, more traditional dental aids are also offered for various ailments.

A custom made mouthguard molded specifically for each patient is one, to ensure kids active in sports won’t have their teeth knocked out by an errant ball or flying elbow. Of course dentures and implants are still popular to help replace missing teeth.

Also, Flintridge Dental Studio offers patients with sleep apnea a much more convenient alternative to bulky CPAP machines with a small dental appliance that patients wear at night. This appliance can reduce snoring and sleep apnea without the need for surgery or medication.

All these are just a few of the tools and services Flintridge Dental Studio has to offer its patients, and together with its personal hands-on approach, a visit to the dentist is something you will never fear the rest of your life.

To learn more or to set an appointment with Dr. Derhartounian, you can call (818) 495-4969 or you can walk-in at 4542 Rinetti Lane, La Canada Flintridge.

For more information about Flintridge Dental Studio and the services they have to offer, you can visit


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