Thinking Globally Roy’s Restaurant Introduces New Global Tasting Menu

Monday, April 8, 2019 | 9:43 pm

Drawing inspiration from Japan, Roy’s Restaurant has created a limited-time tasting menu which is available through April 30. For an all-inclusive price of $39.00, enjoy an appetizer, main dish and dessert. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the Creative Japan menu at Roy’s Pasadena location.

There are two appetizers offered: Hamachi Sashimi or Short Rib and Mushroom Dim Sum. Since there were two of us dining we chose one of each and then shared. The Hamachi Sashimi consisted of thicker cuts of fresh Hamachi (Japanese amberjack) with grapefruit supremes, jalapeno power and ponzu gel. I found the play of the tart ponzu and spicy jalapeno a good foil for the mild, firm fish. Dim Sum of Short Rib and Mushroom dotted a caramelized onion soy jus. Both the Dim Sum and jus were very meat-forward, I would have liked to have a bit of ginger or sesame to break up the monotone taste.

There were also two choices for the main course; 14oz. Mongolian Glazed Pork Chop with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes, Bok Choy and Star Anise Pork Reduction or Togarashi Spiced Seared Salmon with Honshimeji Mushrooms, Edamame, and Nori Vinaigrette. Again because there were two of us we ordered one of each.

The pork chop was huge, on the bone and grilled beautifully. The star anise pork reduction was luscious, and glazed the chop in a glistening coating. It was delicious and the star of the meal in my opinion. I felt that the wasabi mashed potatoes were way over the top. The wasabi was the only flavor and overdone. The veggies were al dente with a good texture and a nice bite.

Fans of Roy’s edamame will love the salmon. Spiced with the same spices used to coat the edamame the salmon was lightly coated with the Togarashi spice and cooked to a crispy outside and tender inside. The melange of mushrooms and edamame was delightfully fresh and tasty. The addition of the acid from the nori vinaigrette brightened up the whole dish.

Dessert was a tasty, tart Yuzu Curd with touches of coconut and mint. It was light and refreshing after a rich meal. If the curd isn’t your thing, Roy’s offers the diner the choice of any of their signature desserts.

I do love prix fixe menus. They allow me to have a few tastes of the menu, narrows down my choices and allows me to focus on a few different tastes. Roy’s has always had inventive prix fixe menus and their new Global Tasting Menu is no exception. If you miss the Creative Japan menu don’t worry because there are different menus planned for the future.

Roy’s Restaurant Pasadena is located at 641 E. Colorado Blvd. For reservations or questions call (626) 356-4066 or visit







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