This Is a Rare Month with Two Birthstones

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 | 7:16 pm

Completely appropriate for the announcement of Spring is the birthstone Aquamarine. Most often very light in color, it partners softly with other pastel hues in fashion and accessories. Shades of aqua are commonly found in home furnishings when décor is freshened for spring and summer months when seafoam hints toward sandy beaches.

Aqua means water in the Latin language and marine means the sea. This wonderful gemstone is said to have been carried by sailors as a protection against all mishaps. Continuing with lore, aquamarine stones are thought to ease arthritis, heal inflammation, calm sore throats and even assist in diminishing varicose veins. We’re not so sure about the medicinal characteristics of Aquamarine gems, but we are confident that wearing them will make the wearer feel terrific! We do love that larger stones tend to be darker in shade and even invite greens into the facets.

Speaking of greens, the second birthstone is the Bloodstone. It is very deep muddy green with dark red veining through due to iron oxide deposition. The stone is mined in Brazil, India, and Australia. It is sometimes called the martyr’s stone. Know any martyrs?

The only other reminder we’d like to share for this month is that many of us become Irish around the middle of the month. Feel free to wear your emeralds all month, however.

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