This Summer, Make Sure You Lighten Up

The biggest hair trend this summer is lightening up the color—learn advice from a stylist who specializes in what’s en vogue

Friday, July 3, 2015 | 7:51 pm

Orpheum Salon 2ndIt’s officially summer and things are heating up—but has your look gone stale?

We visited the trendy Orpheum Salon in South Lake Avenue shopping district and got all the latest details on hot summer looks and talked to colorist and stylist Wendy Molina.

This summer new beauty looks are in demand, including new hair colors.

Unnatural hair colors like pastel pinks and voilets, shades of blond, and modern ombre will all help to enhance your natural beauty and the radiance in your hair. Consider a trendy haircut, and muster the courage to dive into some big, bold color changes. Summer isn’t very long, so go for it.

“I’ve had 11 years of experience. I specialize in blond and colors if any. I visualize in blond but I like to infuse colors.” Molina says.

So how do you know what color or texture will work for your lifestyle? First you have to find a look that you’re in love with. Next spend time with you stylist and see what new styles will look best on you based on her expert advice.

From a variety of techniques and potential color hues the possibilities are truly endless.

Celebrities have a lot of influence on many of the trends today. Singer Katy Perry often has bold streaks of color in her hair. Kelly Osborne has gone with hues of silver and lilac.

“Hair colors even though it’s usually summer, you tend to go lighter. I offer edgy haircuts and more of the funky colors, like blues and greens. So I have a little bit more of an edgy feel, more of an edgier style,” says Molina.

A new hairstyle and color will require some maintenance. Be mindful of the sun because it can mute your color. Keep the ends from getting fragile and frazzled with a good, regular trim.

Of course, a summer hair style doesn’t have to be forever. With a trusted stylist, once fall hits you can choose to adopt whatever new style hits the runways!

Orpheum Salon is located at 610 S Lake Avenue Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 304-9903 or visit


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