Tightly Knit Community of Crafters Gather at Wollhaus

Sunday, March 26, 2017 | 12:58 pm

Images: Wollhaus

Join a community of crafters at Pasadena’s only dedicated yarn and craft store, Wollhaus. Partners, Ulli Schober and Kathi Snodgrass, opened the store in Fall 2016 in the former location of Abuelita’s Knitting and Needlepoint. Wollhaus focuses on knitting, crocheting and community.

“I want a place that’s very open and inviting with workshops and open social knitting,” said Snodgrass.

Wollhaus is known for their selection of premium yarns including natural and organic yarns, cotton, wool and linen. Snodgrass and Schober aim to create a welcoming environment where crafters can explore yarns and knit together.

“Craft is a good opportunity to get people out of their routines – to play with color and strings,” she said.

Wollhaus offers social knitting every Tuesday and Thursday as well as classes and knit-alongs. Snodgrass describes the knit-alongs as a cross between a class and social knitting – everyone works on the same pattern but has their choice of yarns. She adds that these events are especially helpful for beginners who are looking to branch out from standard scarves and hats.

“We don’t like the ‘little old lady’ knitting patterns – we like something that’s a little more modern – something you can wear,” said Snodgrass.

She and Schober design patterns and also make a point to carry a variety of stylish patterns. Snodgrass explains that she enjoys designing patterns that play with stitch texture and add elements like lace or cables. In addition to experimenting with different kinds of yarns, her favorite part is teaching others to knit.

“I love that ‘aha’ moment when you’re teaching somebody something new…I love to see people try new things and get excited about [knitting],” she said.

If you’re looking to pick up a pair of knitting needles, there’s no better time than the annual Los Angeles Yarn Crawl from April 6-9. This multi-city yarn crawl includes workshops, demonstrations, yarn samples and specially designed patterns.

“Yarn Crawl is the biggest event for yarn shops in L.A…most people are familiar with a pub crawl – it’s the same concept but for yarn stores,” said Snodgrass.“We don’t see competition among yarn stores because each one has its own personality.”

Wollhaus will be offering a “yarn tasting” where visitors can play with and knit small samples with different types of yarn. They will also be providing a towel pattern using chunky yarn and an evening shawl – which Snodgrass describes as perfect of California nights.
Snodgrass has been knitting and crafting all her life and encourages others to pick up the hobby as a break from their daily routines. She reminds beginners that there’s always a learning curve and that they shouldn’t be afraid to rip out the stitches and start again.

“Find a community that can help you learn…knitting and crocheting [skills] increase as you build confidence.”

Wollhaus is located at 696 East Colorado Boulevard, Suite 2. Call 626.799.0355 or visit http://www.wollhaus.com/. For more information on the Yarn Crawl, visit http://layarncrawl.com.

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