Top Ten Nail Trends for Fall

Friday, October 7, 2016 | 8:02 pm

Classice nudes (l) and Glistening silvers & golds (r)

Earthy mauve

Earthy mauve

Cooler weather brings the start of the holiday season, darker colors and a plethora of pumpkins. Take your nail color to the next level with these trendy fall mani and pedi shades. We spoke with the color experts at Bellacures, nail salon, to get the latest trends in nail art.

Navy shimmers: Be bold with tones of navy with a slight shimmer. The color surprisingly compliments any outfit and the shimmer adds a little flare to your work wardrobe.

Holographic hues: This futuristic look will be all the rage come fall. The glistening colors and slightly funky style will be the next big nail art trend that you can’t keep your eyes off of. Pair these hues with shimmery eyeshadow for a glamorous look.

Marble patterns: While this look has already started to gain popularity, it will really take off in the fall season and the cool white and grey pattern will give you fashion cred in any setting.

Military greens: Army and olive greens are going to be a fall fashion favorites. This rich shade of green will bring a rejuvenating twist for all nail shapes.

Earthy mauve: Mauve has definitely proven itself to be the color of the year. This delicate purple can be dressed up or down and exudes a sophisticated and lady-like color option.

Glistening silvers and golds: Shimmery hues of silvers and muted golds are back in a big way and if you aren’t afraid of a little glitz, this look is guaranteed to impress. Try these shades out at your next holiday party and you’ll be sure to sparkle.

Classic nudes: The clean, nude nail is still going strong. This easy to wear color is a classic no matter the season or occasion.

Minimal design patterns: Don’t fall victim to over the top nail designs that were popular in seasons past! Stick with minimal patterns, such as thin lines and little dots to make a chic statement.

Blood red: Change with the seasons by transitioning from bright, cherry reds to deep, dark reds. The color looks stunning on all skin tones and adds a classic, polished look to any outfit.

Bold copper: Compliment the grays, tans and blacks of your fall wardrobe with a nail color that really pops. Bold, rich copper nails are sure to draw the eye and make a fall fashion statement.

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