Town Square’s Buyer’s Roadmap Puts the Clients in Control

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 | 9:25 pm

Town Square Real Estate is not a corporate bigwig. It’s a boutique real estate firm that is committed to serving its clients in the most personal and professional way. Agents here know that the largest financial decision an individual makes is purchasing a home, so their main concern is providing the best possible customer service to their hopeful clients.

“Client service is the utmost importance here,” asserted Andy Javaheri, one of the owners of Town Square. “Our Yelp reviews are proof of that.”

Fellow owner and managing broker Gustavo Rojas explained that customer service, for Town Square Real Estate, “means the ability to provide the client with a level of access, information and knowledge that they can’t commonly get with other agencies.” This includes handing all buyers what the agents call, the Buyer’s Roadmap.

“We have a process and a presentation we’ve prepared which is called the Buyer’s Roadmap, where we walk them through the A to Z of what it’s like to purchase a home,” said Rojas. The Buyer’s Roadmap provides a detailed list of steps on what the clients have to do during the buying process. “And once they’ve met with us and had that presentation and a discussion, they feel a lot more in control and comfortable with that,” Rojas said.

Javaheri continued, “Our agents traditionally meet face to face in the office. Then we run through the Buyer’s Roadmap. Part of that Buyers Road Map is also a criteria assessment. So we try to understand exactly what their criteria is for buying their new home.” The agents also use this criteria to figure out other needs the clients haven’t thought of in the beginning.

The Buyer’s Roadmap also serves as a compass to guide the agents through the entire process. “The Buyer’s Roadmap is step one of many steps that agents follow to make sure you systemize the entire thing,” Javaheri said. “So you don’t miss anything, and you stay on track, and you’re providing a highest level of service.”

Gustavo added, “It’s an organized way of allowing our agents to provide our clients the sort of a uniform experience as much as possible. Obviously a home purchase can be very emotional.”

The Buyer’s Roadmap exemplifies Town Square’s commitment to make house buying less chaotic and more methodical. Purchasing a home is an intricate process that has a number of twists and turns, but the Buyer’s Roadmap helps “control the controllable [which then] helps alleviate the uncontrolled,” concluded Rojas.

Town Square Real Estate is located at 305 S. Hudson Avenue Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 449-9300 or visit


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