Trends in Business Telecommunications Make Life Easier, and Quite Often Cheaper

Friday, June 15, 2018 | 11:01 pm

556434_493932880619873_883281930_nWith the world of technology growing each day, our methods of communication have never been more varied. Yes, Unified Communication (UC) is here. Phone, email, Cell phones, texting, voice to text, we still use phones to talk, but antiquated closet-based phone systems have now been replaced by internet-based software.

If you run a business that is looking to smooth out its communication processes and save on monthly phone bill, Pasadena’s MicroTrends is the place to call. Easy to install and affordable to run, 3CX Phone system boosts employee productivity.

As well as giving businesses the chance to get involved with web conferencing, its global focus ensures employees can connect whenever and wherever they are.

The majority of people now have smartphones. Why does this matter? Because 3CX comes with an app that can work on Apple, Windows and Android phones, meaning employees can receive and make calls from the office even if they are not physically there. There is also the ability to transfer calls and schedule meetings all with the click of a button.

One of the biggest pains of installing new phone system into any office is the associated costs that come along with it. 3CX can be hosted in Cloud or installed on your existing server, thus saving costs.

Micro Trends 1By allowing MicroTrends to install 3CX Phone System in your office, you will touch and feel without losing your existing phone system. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. And if you ever decide to move offices, your phone system can seamlessly move with you.

Taking into account all of these benefits, it seems a wasted opportunity not to contact MicroTrends and see how the 3CX system could help your company. After all, there’s nothing better than technology that could help people improve their work-life balance and save as much as 50% of your phone bill.

Micro Trends is located in Pasadena. For more information call (626)432-5990 or visit








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