Tricked Out Trucks Aren't Just For The Able Bodied

Mobility SVM shows off its new modified trucks, offering disabled people a chance to drive around in style

Thursday, April 18, 2013 | 5:39 pm

Who says disabled people can’t look stylish when moving around? People with disabilities who are lucky enough to be able to drive often find themselves in minivans and other such van conversion vehicles.

Mobility SVM, a company which builds customized vehicles for the disabled, has come to change that, expanding their range of services to modifying pickup trucks reminiscent of the popular TV show “Pimp My Ride.”

“We convert Chevy Silverado’s and GMC Sierra’s, full-sized general model pick-ups basically,” says James Groves, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mobility SVM.

Mobility SVM, founded in 2009, was established to give people with disabilities the promise of giving them back their freedom and independence through specially made vehicles.

Tricked Out Trucks Aren’t Just For The Able Bodied

Mobility SVM is giving its clients the opportunity to pursue their interests in outdoor activities and continue their active lifestyles through the company’s range of modified trucks.

Though many feel that people with wheelchairs are pretty much stuck with driving a minivan, this should not be the case, says Groves.

Targeted at the younger folks who won’t get caught dead driving around in a minivan, these modified trucks give clients a much more stylish alternative.

The trucks are a far cry from the usual converted mini-vans that Adaptive Vehicles Dealer Mobility Works offer its clients and the reason for this is to give clients more options.

“Especially for an 18-35 year old male, this vehicle is a lot for that segment, an opportunity to buy and drive a vehicle that they actually want,” Groves explains.

And it’s not just for the injured soldiers or the young people. Groves says that the new vehicles “may be for the older generation as well that are as mobile as they want to be but they still want to have a nice look.”

“We’re just trying to give people a chance to be mobile and live a more normal life and give it to people with an outdoor lifestyle that can no longer have that lifestyle unless they have a vehicle like this,” adds Grover.

Mobility Works specializes in adaptive vehicles for the disabled and aims to set the disabled free with its line of vehicles and equipment to help the handicapped move around as they wish.

“What we do is personalized client care. Mobility Works, in a nutshell, provides independence to thousands of individuals,” says Steve Casaus, General Manager at Mobility Works Pasadena.

The company offers much more than just the selling of vehicles.

Casaus explains that “Mobility Works offers financing, extended warranties, van rentals, 24-hour emergency help line and mechanical services.”

Those with existing automobiles can also come in and have their vehicles modified to spec.

“We highly specialize in installing hand controls, high-tech driving equipment for the physically challenged. If they have hooks [for hands], we have a spinner knob [that] has controls on it. They can just push a button for the AC, change the music, or push the button for the turning signals.”

As Casaus puts it: “We find solutions to get people back into the real world.”

And now Mobility Works makes those solutions even more stylish, with its range of truck conversions through Mobility SVM.

Mobility Works Pasadena is located at 325 N. Altadena Drive. If you want to learn more about the company and see what they have to offer, along with a live demo of the Chevy Silverado, visit their Pasadena Showroom. You can find them on the web at

To learn more about the line of Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra truck conversions, visit Mobility SVM at


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