Trying or Training?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 | 7:40 pm

If you wanted to run a marathon, 26.2 miles, how would you prepare?

Would you go out and TRY to run 26.2 miles or would you devise a plan or seek help to TRAIN yourself to accomplish such a feat?

Any sane person would agree that to cover 26.2 miles propelled by only your legs and arms would take some time to build up the strength and endurance to cover that distance. Going out and trying to run 26.2 miles without any training would not only prove to be nearly impossible but you could injure yourself by pushing yourself beyond your capabilities.

Then why would someone TRY to be healthy instead of TRAINING to be healthy? Why would someone try to be more generous, disciplined, spiritual, honest, professional, etc…instead of training to be that way? Because, we deceive ourselves when we TRY. We think that is enough instead of preparing by TRAINING.

Now trying can be the first step to move in a new direction but it is not the last step. Most people will try and quickly give up. Trying can fool us into thinking we are improving or accomplishment. The key to long lasting change is training.

Life is like a marathon not a sprint. Quick fixes rarely last. Committed training through disciplined action is the key to long lasting change and optimum performance.

When it comes to health you need to train yourself in 4 areas. Exercise, Nutrition, Rest and recovery and maintaining a health spine and nervous system. All 4 integrate together and enhance each other. These are required for increasing quantity and quality of health. Training in these four areas requires constant attention and commitment. You will train in these areas by choice or by necessity.

Necessity follows crisis so if you want to avoid an untimely and expensive crisis then train in these four areas to save time, money and avoid a crisis. If a crisis does appear you will still be better able to deal with it and recover with the training already done.

Take a good look at yourself. In the vital areas of life are you TRYING or really TRAINING? Make the commitment to TRAIN and reap the benefits.

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