Want to Start a Book Club? Here’s How!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 | 9:27 pm

The Book Rack ArcadiaIt’s back to school time. Your children have their fresh crisp new school supplies; they have new books; they are learning and growing every day. Are you jealous? There is an adult solution for those of you who are still hungry to learn.

Where can you combine great times with friends, yummy snacks and scintillating conversation about some really great books? At your very own book club—with your very own rules. If you ask around your office and social circles, you’re sure to find at least one pre-established book club you can join. Or, why not take the initiative and start one yourself?

Book clubs are easy to start. First, decide if your books will follow a theme. Some examples would be biographies, science fiction, or mysteries. If you love all books then you can change up the genre month to month.

Second, start talking to your friends and family. Who else do you know who loves books? It may be best to keep your club somewhat small. If it gets too large you will lose the intimate feel of having real conversation about the book.

Third, set a day and time. Also, consider where you’d like to have your meetings. Do you want to take turns hosting? Do you need to line up a sitter for everyone’s kids? Fourth, discuss food for the club. Will you each bring an appetizer? Will you bring food based on the book (for those who really want to stick to a theme)? There are so many ways you can customize your book club.

Lastly, you need to choose your first book and take a trip to your local Book Rack!

This might actually be the hardest step because of all the great choices out there. Perhaps, each guest can choose a book and then every month you can draw a new title out of a hat.

Do you need ideas? Try these two titles. Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng and Room: A Novel by Emma Donoghue.

Everything I Never Told You takes place in 1970s small town Ohio. The story revolves around the suspicious death of a Chinese American girl and the ramifications for her family. The story is heartbreaking, intense and touching. A must read for a book club focused on dramas.

Room: A Novel is now a major motion picture, so make sure to read the book first. It is a gripping psychological thriller about the room young Jack has spent his first five years of his life in and where his mom has been held captive. A truly moving piece about the love a mother has for her child, no matter the circumstances.

You can find these titles, as well as hundreds of others, at The Book Rack. Yes—small bookstores still exist!

For more great book ideas visit www.thebookrack.com.

Book Rack Arcadia is located at 204 S. First Avenue Arcadia. For more information, call (626) 446-2525 or visit bookrackarcadia.com.


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