What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Brandy?

Thursday, June 13, 2019 | 10:22 pm

Most people know about the health benefits associated with wine, but many don’t realize that Brandy is also healthful and has many health benefits just like its forbearers. Yes, Brandy starts out in vineyards.

Stark Spirits Distillery in Pasadena wants you to know that brandy can be made from any fresh fruit. However if a bottle just says “Brandy,” the fruit was grapes. Brandy is a controlled appellation reserved for a spirit distilled from grapes. All other brandies have to have the name of the fruit before the word brandy.

All brandy begins as a wine. As mentioned, Brandy is made exclusively from grape wine, but all the other fruit brandies are made from the fermented fruit, too. Fermented fruit becomes wine! Anybody’s grandma make elderberry wine? Well, if grandma had put her elderberry wine in a still, she’d have made Elderberry Brandy!

It might be surprising to hear that brandy shares many of the health benefits of wine. Brandy and all other fruit brandy have some hidden perks. The biggest effect is on one of your most vital organs: the heart. Research has found that brandy contains a number of antioxidants – just like the wine it was when it was just a youngster. Also, its warming effect provides a nice boost to your immune system.

If you’re struggling to sleep, brandy could be a pleasant solution. Drinking a lot of alcohol can send you to la la land, preventing, not promoting, a good night’s sleep. A glass of brandy, on the other hand, can relax your body and brain, getting you ready for a good night’s rest. Extra little known benefits: the antioxidants in brandy can also have an anti-aging effect, staving off physical wrinkles and promoting healthy eyes. Aren’t these health benefits some good reasons to drink brandy frequently?

Stark Spirits Distillery in Pasadena offers one of the most delicious brandies around, Sunshine Orange Brandy. Made from local Valencia oranges grown in Filmore-Piru, it isn’t super sweet like liqueur. It’s a full-bodied spirit, all oranges, zero sugar added to it. Its flavor and aroma bring out the wonderful zest of the orange. And of course, you get that same healthy brandy warming effect for your immune system, your good night’s sleep, and maybe fewer wrinkles in the mirror

Rather than automatically reaching for the wine come evening, try something different. Go out and get yourself Sunshine Orange Brandy and reap all the benefits of brandy from a local craft distillery, Stark Spirits. Bottoms up!

Stark Distillery is located at 1260 Lincoln Ave #1100, in Pasadena. For more information call (626) 798-1377 or visit http://starkspirits.com/.








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