What is a Power Player?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 | 10:23 pm

It isn’t everyday that you come across a true power player, and even rarer still is to find one that has dedicated their life to helping people just like you to find the mortgage that best suits your financial needs. We know one of these power players, and we would love to tell you a little about why he is considered one of the very best in his field.

Waleed Delawari, the man behind mortgage firm Delaware Pacific, began his career in a very different industry. He started out by working for a boutique hotel brand, and very soon realized that he enjoyed serving others.

Waleed started Delaware Pacific with a vision: to form a boutique service that works hand-in-hand with each client to help them fulfill their home ownership needs. He now leads a team of wonderful employees and loan officers looking to serve others with the same philosophy that Waleed has always espoused.

Waleed tells us that while most companies in the mortgage market see their clients as nothing but a number, Delaware Pacific views each client as a family unit. Waleed also understands that applying for a mortgage isn’t something that’s easy for most people, and works to answer any questions and solve any issues that clients may have throughout the entire process.

Waleed’s dealings with people from all walks of life have helped him succeed in the mortgage industry. Working with people from all income levels, Waleed always puts his best foot forward when it comes to finding you the money you need with the terms that are truly best for your financial situation in both the short, and the long run.

It’s this focus on the individual that has earned Waleed the Five Star Mortgage Professional Award for the past four years in a row, and he was recognized by Angeleno Magazine as a Power Player for Los Angeles. The Five Star Mortgage Professional Award is an accolade that is chosen by the public and industry professionals, further proof of the superior service that Waleed and his team provides.

Working as both a direct lender and broker, Delaware Pacific has access to plenty of financial products that you may be interested in. Waleed’s  help will ensure that the mortgage process is understandable, and relatively painless, no matter which product his clients choose.

Considering he was voted the number one mortgage broker in Pasadena, and was listed 74th throughout the in the entire United States based on his volume of business, it seems that Waleed, and his company Delaware Pacific, should truly be at the top of your list when it comes time to buy a home.

Delaware Pacific is located at 959 E Walnut St. Suite 206, in Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 486-1775 or visit http://delgrp.com.







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