What is Supplemental Coverage, and Do I Need It?

Thursday, June 7, 2018 | 9:14 pm

The world of insurance is a minefield. Yes, you may be au fait with traditional policies, but have you ever considered the need for supplemental insurance?

Tamela Rucker from Combined Insurance is asking the residents of Pasadena to take a deeper look at supplemental insurance. There’s a common misconception that you won’t need it but with her help, you will soon come to realize that there are a number of options available that can really benefit you and your family.

When first looking at supplemental insurance, it’s a good idea to start by deciding where the gaps in your existing insurance coverage lie. Unfortunately, no plan will cover every accident and illness with many usually offering to pay only a small portion of medical costs. Other costs such as transportation and childcare are also often not included.

You need to figure out whether you will be able to afford anything that the policy won’t cash out for and how at risk you are of the uncovered services. If you’re unsure what your policies do and don’t cover, it’s wise to book an appointment with Tamela at Combined Insurance.

An accident or sudden illness can leave you with serious debt and no income if you have to take time off work. For those of you who may have come to the conclusion that this could happen to you, take a look at your current savings. Statistics show that just a five-day stay in hospital can end up costing over $10,000. Could you afford to use them in the event of something unexpected?

If the answer is no, then supplemental insurance could well be for you. This means that you will receive a cash payment for any covered loss that you have suffered.

Tamela can explain more about the options available in person but they range from coverage for cancer and life insurance to total income replacement. She can help you determine your current insurance gaps and figure out how you can manage risk without losing all of your life savings.

For more information call Tamela Rucker at (909) 541-0076, or visit https://www.combinedinsurance.com/us-en/.









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