What Makes a Home a Luxury Home?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 | 7:18 pm

Often a home may be described as a luxury home, but is it? Luxury, like beauty, may often be in the eye of the beholder. However, when one searches for the most luxurious of homes, some common characteristics may be discovered.

Although many luxury homes are large, say 5,000 sq. ft or more, size is not a requirement to make it luxurious. A lot of square footage can simply just make a home large. Many track homes throughout the country are constructed as “super-sized”. Not many in the industry would call them all luxury homes. “Cookie-cutter” style developments tend to lack the unique features that a custom built home may possess. Character and quality is often compromised for size. Imagine the difference in what is found within a big jewelry box from a franchise jewelry store versus the contents of a small Harry Winston jewelry box!

Location, location, location. Yes, here we go again. But location can matter. A neighborhood of custom built high quality homes that have all been impeccably maintained on a winding tree-lined street may be considered as one component of a luxury home. There are, of course, cases when the location is superb (i.e., water-front property or a home with a city view) but if the house has not been maintained in thirty years, “luxury” would not be a proper designation.

Some home features are often touted as requirements of a luxury description, such as a large master bedroom with en-suite, high ceilings, grand foyer, chef’s kitchen, etc. What about that charming mid-century modern home that only has two bedrooms and one bathroom, but has been completely remodeled into a high-tech dream home with a control room that manages state-of-the-art security, integrated sound, built in high-definition large screen televisions, room temperatures, lighting and mechanical drop down window coverings? Perhaps a luxury home should be remodeled, you say? Then what about the old historical home that was designed by a renowned architect that is mostly original, with custom wood plank flooring, craftsman honeycomb wood ceilings with wooden stained glass windows?

The point is that a luxury home may come in many different sizes and styles. Perhaps the one universal characteristic is that the home is unique and custom in some way that makes it stand out among the others. Like beauty, luxurious elements entice the beholder to feel something special is in their midst. That specialness just may be the essence of the luxury home.

When buying or selling a luxury home, it is important to work with a real estate agency that can provide the expertise needed finding or listing such special homes. Kairos Estates provides exceptional celebrity-style service to each client. It is not a big-brand franchise company, but is rather an independent, boutique real estate agency, devoted to delivering a more personal experience.

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