When a Smile is a Struggle

Pasadena orthodontist changes lives with new technology

Monday, October 27, 2014 | 11:06 pm

Perhaps only those who’ve known the discomfort and embarrassment of a less-than-perfect smile can truly understand the difference that progress orthodontic can make.

Now, imagine that your underbite, overbite or open makes you feel self-conscious, and you’ve been told by more than one dentist that you’re not a good candidate for braces. A dentist has told you that you need jaw surgery.

It can be heartbreaking.

But actually, an underbite, overbite, or openbite are of the most common dental maladies, and both are correctable without surgery using different types of orthodontic technology, according to Pasadena orthodontist Dr. Karen Guinn, of The Smile Agency, who specializes in these types of cases.

“Some people might have a really extreme case,” says Dr. Guinn, “and they think it can’t be fixed without surgery. We’ve seen all kinds of cases, tens of thousands even. They come in for a consultation, and we explain to them about getting the overbite, underbite, or open bite fixed without invasive surgery.”

In addition to traditional braces, Dr. Guinn’s offices offer a range of new style braces including Invisalign.

Dr. Guinn has worked with Invisalign for years, and is in fact listed as on of their top Premier Providers in the greater Pasadena, Los Angeles area, and the San Gabriel Valley as well.

The Invisalign system is a set of removable trays that are molded to a patient’s teeth and worn 23 hours a day, taken out only when a patients eats and brushes their teeth. They can also whiten their teeth while wearing the trays.

But before any work is done, Dr. Guinn will do a thorough examination of the face and the mouth using the latest dental technology, utilizing a 3-D morphing technology that can actually show patients what their smile will look like after treatment. The Smile Agency not only plans for today, but for how you will look at 50.

More than just orthodontics alone goes in to improving patients’ smile, it really comes down to preventive care, says Dr. Guinn, to make sure that any work done stays healthy, and that things like gum disease and gingivitis don’t spoil an otherwise healthy mouth.

In addition to the wide range of orthodontic specialty work available, Dr. Guinn prides herself on providing just as wide a range of competitive health financing choices.

“We try to accommodate our patients as best as possible,” she said. Dr Guinn’s office also provides a $100 discount for work when patients recommend their friends for treatment, as well as providing other incentives for patients of The Smile Agency.

As she explained, patients who keep a good maintenance regime like keeping braces and bands clean, can receive ‘smile tokens’. Which they can accumulate and turn in for prizes, such as an iPod shuffle, all for doing what a good patient should.
Patients at The Smile Agency are motivated to do the right thing by creating an environment that is friendly, professional, and inviting.

Says Dr. Guinn, “We like our patients to know The Smile Agency has the latest technology and techniques to create a beautiful smile, and that the treatment is specifically accommodated to them; we look at your face. It’s not like we slap braces on and then say, ‘I hope they’ll work out.’ The work is specially designed to each and every patient.”

No one can ever put a price on a smile, but Dr. Guinn can truly show its value.   Like she says, “A smile never dies.”

The Smile Agency is at 1175 E. Green St. Pasadena, CA. (626) 578-1687. www.thesmileagency.com.

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