When Are You Not Thinking About Taxes?

Pasadena tax expert offers some gentle reminders

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 | 11:04 pm

Just when you were starting to think about the holidays!

Did you know there are actually two tax filing dates each year? One—October 15— just passed, and the other is of course the one that most Americans are familiar with: April 15th.

According to Roberto Roman of Five Star Tax Resolutions in Pasadena, it’s never too early to begin preparing for that fateful spring evening, when all well-intentioned adults usually find themselves scrambling to make it to the post office or even click “SEND” in the nick of time.

But let’s be positive, shall we?

According to Roman, filing a tax return period is paramount.

Says Roman, “People need to file regardless of whether they owe or not, so, filing is the most important thing.”

Then are a few common mistakes that people make when they do file, warnss Roman, and these can make it difficult for your return to be processed and would also delay any refund you might receive.

Most importantly is to keep your records. Any and all records of your income will protect you in the case of an audit if any of your expenses are questioned.

“The other thing to think about,” says Roman, “is timing. Make sure everything is done on time, make sure the returns are done, and that any extensions you might get are already in place.

Surprisingly (or not, as the case may be) some of the most common errors are simply clerical. One wrong number or an incorrect spelling can cause huge delays. He’s seen every error in the book- most commonly though is the wrong social security number. This happens more often than one might think, quips Roman.

And, advises Roman, “Your name should be exactly the way they [the IRS] have it. If your name is Bob Jones Sr. and you accidentally put just Bob Jones, they’ll say ‘Wait a minute, is this the right or the wrong guy?’”

Another important thing to check is to make sure your filing status is correct—single, married, etc. It seems simple but people make these mistakes all the time, Roman explains. Married people can file separately, but they need to make sure that whatever status they list is correct.

Finally, says Roman, people often write down an incorrect bank account number. This can obviously slow the entire process down and lead to many disappointing trips to the ATM.

Just a little attention to these simple details can make the tax filing experience go a little more smoothly.

Five Star Tax Resolution is at 300 South Raymond Ave. ste 17, Pasadena. For more information please call (800) 516-5917 or visit http://www.fivestartaxresolution.com/.


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