When Buying a Product or Service, Price Is Not Always King

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 | 4:37 pm

When buying a product or services, price is not always everything, said Mike Taulli of The Phone Guy, a full service sales, design and installation company.

The telecommunications firm provides a turnkey installation including voice and data cabling. We can also handle all of your relocation, moves, adds and changes. It provides one of the best communications platforms in the market, said Taulli.

“The [current] market is price-driven. Everyone is watching all these commercials that Wal-Mart is the cheapest, that K-Mart is the cheapest and the cheapest meal and the cheapest food and when you are talking about a service-related industry versus consumer, price is not always the best thing to look at,” he said.

According to Taulli, The Phone Guy is not the most expensive guy and also not the cheapest. But he claims to have proven himself over the years that all his customers never called him back again even after 10 or 15 years after installing a phone line or cable or any of the services he offers.

He never wants his customers to call him two or three years after installation to use the equipment’s warranty for repair or re-installation.

“If you really want a quality guy that set things backwards up and make it so as not a nightmare [call us], Taulli said. We might go in and do something or it might take us two and a half more hours to like wrap these cables to a certain way or do this and that. But when we are done doing everything the right way, it is good for the next 60 years and that is kind of how I look at things,” he added.

Taulli takes pride of providing long-term solutions to his clients and that his services and equipment are built to last. “We never hear from our clients again [to complain]. And it’s for a good reason.

“When we go in and we do the cabling and install the phone system and do the voicemail, it just works. You wouldn’t have silly connection problems that arise from improperly installed jobs,” he continued.

Because The Phone Guy mostly caters to small- and medium-sized businesses, Taulli said clients must really understand what they need versus what they want and to understand the right technology necessary to their company.

He advised companies that want to install Voice over IP to be very careful when choosing the cloud-based platform particularly those offered by RingCentral. Based on his experience, a significant number of small businesses have decided to get rid of their Voice over IP system because of “drop calls” while using cloud-based platforms.

Taulli said that while cloud-based VoIP might be cheap and no cost, what they are advertising and what you actually need are two different things.

“[Sometimes] while you are talking to someone you start missing two and three seconds here and there, which is huge. [Customers must] really know what those cloud systems are and I don’t know how [it works]. That is a really hard question to ask for an answer, they would need to know a lot,” Taulli described the cloud-based VoIP platform.

While the telecommunications technology has evolved significantly over the last 30 years, the basic principle of a phone system is you talk to somebody and you can hear what the other person is saying and the other person can hear you too.

That is what The Phone Guy guarantees, Taulli said – clear, reliable and dependable communication all the time.

When you receive calls from prospective buyers, clients or people seeking the services or products you provide, Taulli said you can trust each unique interaction to The Phone Guy by allowing them to provide you with State of the Art Telecommunications systems installation and maintenance.

“We are also committed to providing the best Telecom connection possibly at the most affordable rates. Whether it be Local, Long Distance or Around the World. We can connect your remote offices together, making them operate as one, saving your long distance charges for office to office calls. We have partnered with many Local & International providers to get you, the customer, the absolute best rates available on your carrier and internet Services. We make sure everything we do honors the commitment to you,” The Phone Guy said in its website.

For more information about The Phone Guy’s products and services, check out their website at www.callthephoneguy.com/.

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