When One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Friday, July 10, 2015 | 6:04 pm

Buying a house: it’s like buying an expensive new suit or dress. You wouldn’t just pick the first dress off the rack and buy it. You would check the size, try it on and check the fit. The dress may fit Sally Sitwell doing her catwalk in the dressing room, but does the size, length, color work for you? More importantly, does the price suit you?

When you buy a house, it’s a serious investment, and takes serious thought. The property you buy will be your investment, and more importantly your home for a long time. It’s an important decision not to be taken lightly.

Darrell Done is all too familiar with getting to know the client and their needs. It’s what he does for a living—putting the client first. Previously working in high end men’s apparel for a number of years, Darrell has always put the customer’s at the forefront of everything he does.

Now focusing on real estate, Darrell has carried over his business experience to his current role. His goal is to minimize the disruption in his client’s lives. Because he understands that selling or buying a house is like having a second job and that clients have their own lives and responsibilities, they don’t have the time to commit. Darrell aims to take away the stress that is often involved in searching for a property.

“Ultimately my goal is to minimize the disruption of their daily life.”

Says Done; “I want to fill the gap of this additional burden or responsibility for them so that I can make this as easy and as stress-free for them as possible.”

Think of it as having your own personal shopper. You need someone who has the experience and knowledge, someone who knows the area, but more importantly, someone who knows and understands you. Someone who you trust to find exactly what you want and exactly what you need. Someone like Darrell who understands your busy life, and works at your pace, be it you want to be fully involved or if you want him to take full control.

“I try and keep clients aware and prepared in advance for all the things that would be involved in buying and selling property,” says Done.

Whether you are buying that expensive suit, looking for a new doctor, an accountant, or a REALTOR, you want someone knowledgeable who will put you at ease that you are doing the right thing, whilst constantly keeping you informed. Someone who understands your needs so you can leave it all in their capable hands, leaving you free to focus on your life and finding the home that’s a perfect fit.

Darrell Done’s office is located at 388 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 354-3551 or visit www.darrelldone.com.


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