When The Going Gets Personal, Your Lawyer Has To Be

Thursday, May 16, 2013 | 3:02 pm

Your home. Your belongings. Your relationships. Your kids. If all were swept into a perfect storm that threatens to tear apart everything you hold dear, what do you do?

When it comes to divorce, custody, support, or property division, perhaps the only course of action is to get the overall finest lawyer you can find.

Attorney Kayla Horacek, of the Pasadena Law Offices of Donald Schweitzer, is a certified family law specialist and is one you’d like to be on your team. Especially since she understands what people in your situation need.

“When people come in, they’re in their worst place. It’s an opportunity to guide them and let them know that millions of people have done this, you can do this too,” Horacek explains. “You just have to know the right way to do it and have the people surrounding you to tell you what your rights are, and how to protect those rights.”

As a family law attorney, Horacek knows the importance of being a people person.

“You have to be good with people, you have to understand people,” she says, “I can’t predict what they’ll do, of course – but you have to be good with your intuition. I think you really need to understand human nature and the way things work.”

While many attorneys are driven to get competitive quickly and focus on the legal issues and litigation process, they sometimes forget to serve their clients in an emotional sense.

“Going through something so emotional and so personal, I think you need that extra element in your representation,” says Horacek.

Horacek has experience as a behavioral technician, and this has helped her deal with her clients on an emotional level.

“Especially with kids,” says Horacek, “I worked children with autism and so I understand parents who have special needs concerns. I understand kids that are a little different and require little bit more care than the typical child.”
When it comes to negotiations and litigations, Horacek makes sure that her clients are not relegated to the sidelines.
“I always prefer to allow the client to have as much control as possible. And really with mediation or with settlement conferences, the client has more control because they’re deciding their fate,” explains Horacek.

The reason for this, Horacek says, is because “I think it’s important to empower them and have them remember that they can make the decisions and that’s their choice.”

In short, Horacek makes sure that everything is a “team effort” and that clients are deeply involved every step of the way.

“Unless they have unique circumstances or they have an incredibly demanding job, or they have something that would keep them from doing that,” she adds.

One might describe Horacek’s approach as “holistic.”

“It’s not just about litigating and running into court. It’s more about treating the whole person and understanding other needs other than legal needs,” says Horacek.

To learn more about Kayla Horacek and the work she does, visit http://www.pasadenalawoffice.com/Attorney_Profiles/Kayla_Horacek.aspx for more information.


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