Why Does the Dentist Always Have to Take an X-Ray on the First Exam?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 | 11:55 pm

20180516_143245On your very first visit to a new dentist, they will always want you to get one thing first: an x-ray. While some patients may not see the need for this, it turns out that there’s an important reason why your dentist needs that x-ray of your teeth.

Dentists like Pasadena-based Dr. Michael Yung will give you a very thorough first exam, with an x-ray so that the he can see if there are any early signs of disease; signs that they are unable to see with just their own eyes.

The x-ray allows the dentist to see inside your teeth, as well as between them, and lets them get a good look at your roots and bones that are under your gums.

By having an x-ray, you can put a halt to diseases that otherwise would go unnoticed, and save yourself some serious money. According to Dr. Yung, “X-rays more routinely find decay and evaluate bone health. Often times cavities, or even periodontal disease, can go on without any pain perceived by the patient and therefore cause more serious consequences by the time they are found and treated. The benefits of x-rays also include early detection of cavities and gum/periodontal disease to minimize future consequences such as larger or more expensive fillings, crowns, root canals and deep cleaning.”

This video explains a little more about the procedure:

Dr. Yung wants you to know that there are a few different types of x-rays. Bitewings are particularly common. The Dr. will usually take between two and four of these on a first visit to check for decay. If Dr. Yung needs to get a better view of the height of your teeth, you will need to get a periapical x-ray.

Finally, a panoramic x-ray may be used to give a good overall view and allow Dr. Yung to detect cysts, tumors and any jaw abnormalities. “We will recommend a panorex or panoramic x-ray provided at another specialist’s office if the need arises, such as for wisdom teeth extraction or orthodontics. We get that same kind of information when taking our full mouth x-rays. Panorex gives us a broader picture of the whole jaw compared to a full set of x-rays but less detail particularly around the teeth,” explains Dr. Yung.

Once you have had your first x-rays taken, you won’t need them every time you see the Dr. Yung. Instead, he will decide when new ones need to be taken. This could be when you are experiencing any pain, or if you decide to undergo specific types orthodontic treatments.

So the next time Dr. Yung requests an x-ray, understand that they are tools used to ensure that your teeth and your smile are healthy. Moreover, x-rays will help prevent possible issues that could cause you pain and misery in the future.

If you haven’t done so yet, make an appointment with Dr. Yung now, and rest assured that you are getting some of the best dental care available in Pasadena.

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