Why IPA and Craft Beers Are Exploding in Popularity

IPA, or India Pale Ale, and craft beers are enjoying a spike in popularity these days among beer drinkers. Why the sudden interest? We explore the reasons.

Monday, September 2, 2013 | 11:20 am

Casual beer drinkers have no doubt noticed an interesting trend in the world of ales recently, the proliferation of craft and IPA beers. At bars, restaurants, retailers, and even groceries, craft and IPA beers are now occupying shelf space that once housed popular beer brands from big name breweries.

Craft breweries, as defined by the Brewers Association, are “small, independent and traditional.” While IPA, made by the same craft brewers, is short for India Pale Ale and is known for its higher hop and alcohol content, making it a bitter and strong drink.

Why the sudden interest?

I guess you can say that beer drinkers are getting more experimental. The usual “light” beers aren’t cutting it anymore, with beer lovers turning to full-flavored beers, such as IPAs, Belgian, and other seasonal beers. IPAs in particular have enjoyed a growth of 40% in the past three years alone in popularity.

But it isn’t just the drinkers who are becoming more experimental; breweries too are keeping busy trying to come up with new beer flavors. Craft brewers, being independent, don’t have to cow down to corporate shenanigans, thus are free to concoct whatever beer they can come up with. And beer drinkers love it.

The result of this mutual experimenting, bars, restaurants and retailers are stocking up on more craft beers than ever before to cater to the demanding tastes of the beer drinking crowd.

One such retailer is Matt Denny’s Ale House Restaurant.

Matt Denny’s have also been a supporter of craft beers, and to further bolster its beer lineup, the ale house is introducing three new beers on tap:

Bear Republic Black Racer IPA – An award winning ale that’s 8.1% ABV, Black Racer is an American Black Ale with a dark and roast flavor balanced by citrus notes.

Mission Brewery Armada IPA – Another American style IPA with 7% ABV. This beer was done in collaboration with Wine Warehouse.

Nectar Ales Red Nectar – Brewed at Firestone Walker Bresing Co., this 5.5% Amber Ale boasts a ruby hue and floral aroma that is robust, yet elegant with hints of toasted malt, caramel, spice, and a residual sweetness.

Additionally, coming soon at Matt Denny’s are two other IPAs: Stone Brewery 17th Gotterdammerung IPA and Deschutes Brewery Squeezed IPA.

Beer lover or beer enthusiast, social drinker or just curious, check out what the hype on craft beers is all about and head on down to Matt Denny’s at 145 E. Huntington Drive, Arcadia.

For more information about Matt Denny’s, visit http://www.mattdennys.com or call (626) 462-0250.

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