Will Tacos Beat Out Hamburgers as “The” All-American Food?

Sunday, July 3, 2016 | 1:37 am

Close your eyes and imagine the most American food in the world. Was it a hamburger? Most of the world associates us with the hamburger and it’s safe to say each and every one of us has a memory of a backyard BBQ involving burgers on the grill.

Food critic Nick Solares thinks that’s all about to change.

He believes that tacos are going to over take hamburgers as the nation’s favorite food.

It is not surprising news that Californians love their tacos, especially fish tacos here in Los Angeles, but to take the place of the iconic hamburger? Really?

Nick Solares says ‘yes’. He believes that the public like their food cheap and tasty. While burgers used to fill this role, this is becoming more and more impossible for the burger as beef prices soar upwards.

Because of the price rise, Nick predicts that hamburgers will die a meaty death within the next fifty years and tacos, which can be eaten back to back with different ingredients, will be what the world sees as the All American food.

Hamburgers are no longer hip says Nick. The hipster crowd of the U.S have spoken, and they are pushing forward tacos because they are delicious, varied, and most importantly, they are cheap.

Solares thinks the shift is happening because chicken has overtaken beef as the most popular meat in the US.

Basil Banks, owner of the San Marino seafood restaurant, agrees that tacos are one of their most popular dishes, and it’s one they can get most creative with.

“We do snapper, calamari and shrimp,” says Basil Banks “and we use a chipotle, cajun or lemon flavored butter.” They also top their tacos with their homemade taco slaw, homemade guacamole and diced tomatoes.

“We have been using a lot of summer fruits,” says Banks, whose restaurant likes to feature seasonal produce. “We have a cherry salsa that goes on the Alaskan halibut, mango salsa on of top Swordfish…we’ve been getting New Zealand grouper with pineapple salsa as well.”

Whether Nick Solares is right with his predictions or not, only time will tell. But while you are waiting for the earth shaking change as burgers retreat into a dark hole, Basil Banks encourages you to come along to San Marino and try the variety of tacos they have to offer.

Eater’s full interview with Nick Solares is featured on their website and below:

San Marino Seafood Restaurant & Market is located at 2150 Huntington Drive, San Marino. For more information, please call (626) 943-8862 or visit www.sanmarinoseafood.com.

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