Winter Can Bring Dry Skin

Saturday, January 24, 2015 | 12:20 am

Winter is upon us. Colder temperatures lower the humidity and tend to make us use our heat. Add to this that in southern California, colder weather signals wind. All of these factors can leave our skin feeling very dry and damaged. So, what can we do to keep our skin moist and healthy throughout the winter months?

Protect your skin when going outside. Even here in southern California it is important to wear a scarf and gloves on cold days to prevent drying and chapping. If you are fortunate enough to make it to the mountains, remember that snow is a great reflector of the sun. You can easily get a sunburn. And don’t forget to keep your lips moist because lips do not have oil glands so they dry out easily.

Use moisturizer liberally. You should look for moisturizers that are made from natural oils such as coconut, jojoba oil, almond, or avocado. Watch out for preservatives and fragrances since they can dry and irritate skin. In addition, don’t use skin care products containing alcohol since alcohol can strip oil from the skin. Hand sanitizers are mostly alcohol so they too can be a cause of dry chapped hands.

Don’t overheat your home. Heating systems and space heaters draw moisture out of the air which in turn dries out our skin. Using a humidifier is a good option. I use a humidifier in our bedroom, to keep my skin well hydrated while sleeping.

As always, stay hydrated. You need to drink water or herbal tea to prevent dehydration. Our skin reflects what’s going on inside of us. Remember that alcohol, caffeine, sodas and other kinds of diuretics increase our need for water.

With a little extra care and planning, you can keep your skin from becoming too dry over the winter months.

Dr. Tina Paul, BCND, Traditional Naturopath, Vibrant Living Wellness Center, 144 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, (626) 470-7711 or visit

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