Wrinkles, Sugar Inflammation and Your Skin in Pasadena

Monday, February 24, 2014 | 7:35 pm

Have you noticed the look of fine lines and wrinkles starting to set in? Even the best diet and layer out plan can’t fight the environment and the damage of the sun, chemicals and the past. But don’t fear there are many things we can do the fight the signs of aging both from the inside and out.

What is most important is what you put in is what comes out. Every year I want to look better and I can honestly say because of my clean eating that my skin looks better now then 5 years ago. One of the worst things for your skin is inflammation and what helps reduce inflammation is anti-inflammatory foods and reducing foods that cause inflammation. Here are trouble making foods for the skin:

• Sugar–yes this is number one this includes any form
• Gluten–we are talking about processed grains
• Dairy–many people love cheese but unfortunately dairy can play a huge role in breakouts and skin issues
• Caffeine–nothing can dehydrate the skin faster then caffeine you don’t have to eliminate it but hydrate well to compensate for any caffeine.

**Next week stay tuned for 4 top items to include for anti-inflammatory benefit**

How do you repair the damage?

Repairing the damage by first taking steps is a great start. But to really repair the damage you want to resurface and take off the old, dead layers that show the signs of aging. This is where the superficial lines, age spots, and sallow color appear. A great way to do this is our natural botanical peel. Our iS Clinical Fire & Ice Clinical Facial isn’t any ordinary facial it actually resurfaces the skin’s surface leaving a renewed layer of skin cells. You see softer lines, evened skin tone, lighter skin texture and after a series of 1-3 a reversing of the aging process. Click here to see a video of Fire & Ice on the Doctors.

The Facial Fire and Ice is a non-invasive procedure that takes about 60 minutes. The first step is the “fire” part of the facial, which is 18 percent glycolic, with vitamins A and B mixed with warm cinnamon, so it smells really nice. Next the skin is neutralized and the “ice” is applied. The ice has peppermint which is cool brisk and hydraluronic acid adds moisture to the cell and there’s aloe Vera and green tea extract as well. Unlike some facials, which might improve the appearance of the skin’s texture, the Fire and Ice literally changes the skin at the cellular level.

It helps with the decrease of fine lines and wrinkles, retinol will help stimulate collagen and elastin and antioxidants so it does give that long-term anti-aging effect. Unlike other more severe peels, there is no down time, no pain and no discomfort. Just a beautiful renewed anti-aging and resurfaced effect. iS Clinical is an amazing Medical Grade line that works featured in top magazines and available through our skin care expert team at Dedicated to Health Medical Group.

Dedicated to Health Medical Group, 3235 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 799-0557 or visit www.dedicatedtohealth.com.


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