You Have a Choice. Endure or Enjoy.

Friday, December 1, 2017 | 7:33 pm

People are living longer than ever before whether they want to or not. The “Great Generation” post World War 2 babies, are now being known as the “Nursing Care Generation.” They outlived their life expectancy by three, four or five decades.

They are part of the fastest growing population in the US, centenarians (those 100 years of age or older). Living this long for them has not been better as they are alive but not living. Many are in nursing homes, skilled nursing centers or other senior housing to live out their days.

They did not know they were going to live this long and now many are confined to beds, wheelchairs or secure facilities as they suffer from debilitating illness such as arthritis, senior dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other conditions that limit their independence and ability to enjoy life.
The baby boomer generation, the children of the great generation, and the generations that follow the boomers, generation x, Y2K and millennials, all are being forewarned.

You will live longer than you could ever imagined.

If this is true, then we have an opportunity to take action now to enjoy our time and not merely endure our time on earth.

It is known that the vast majority of diseases and illnesses that many people suffer from currently have origins that can be traced back to lifestyle. 70 to 90% of problems seen at ER’s daily can be traced back to lifestyle; Mostly diet and exercise or lack of. Other factors include sleep and maintaining the spine and nervous system to control and coordinate all body functions without interference.

If the cause of most of the problems, the people who are in their 80’s, 90’s and over 100 can be traced back to lifestyle, then we all have been given a gift on how to enjoy our years and not just endure them.

One of the by-products of lack of exercise and poor nutrition is obesity. Over 30% of the US population is obese and over 60% are overweight and those percentages are growing higher every year.

It is time we quit killing ourselves and stop enduring our existence and start enjoying the time we have here on earth. Make no mistake we all are born with a terminal illness. One day we will die but hopefully not prematurely and through years of suffering. Let’s add more life to our years and in kind more years to our life, enjoyable years that take place with minimal pain and suffering. Things do happen that are out of our control but we can recover.

Today, start enjoying your life by making better choices. Choose to exercise regularly whether you want to or not. Choose healthy foods to fuel your body whether you want to or not. Get plenty of rest and plan your bed time and wake up time to optimize your time and days. Keep your nervous system operating at peak efficiency with diet, exercise, sleep and visits to your chiropractor to help maintain your spinal function by removing interference that our daily activities can create.

Create the best lifestyle for yourself as you invest daily in yourself to avoid the degradation and deterioration of your body and mind that has afflicted so many people who were guilty of one thing, they did not die when they were supposed to. Heed their warning and take better care of yourself. The payoff will be a life of enjoyment and satisfaction and not merely a way to survive and endure pain and suffering. Learn from them and be smart.

Dr. Dennis Buckley is the co-founder and co-owner of Health Advantage Physical Medicine in Pasadena. Health Advantage provides one-stop shopping for your health care needs featuring: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Physical Therapy, Spinal Decompression, Trigger Point Injections, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Stem Cell Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormones for men and women, Supplements, Purification Programs and Wellness Programs. At Health Advantage we provide Safe, Effective and Affordable Care to help you Regain, Retain and Optimize your health. (626) 798-7805






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