Your Go-To Guide for Citrus

Thursday, January 12, 2017 | 2:07 am

From Top Left (clockwise): Sumo Mandarins, Grapefruit, Satsumas, and Clementines.

Winter isn’t the time most people associate with farm fresh food but, in Pasadena, we’re lucky enough to enjoy seasonal produce all year long. This winter, beat the blues with nutrient-packed citrus fruits. Not only do these winter darlings helps fight off the cold and flu with vitamin C but they add a bright flavor to everything from baked goods to salads. Consider this your citrus 101 guide:

• Sumo Mandarins: This gem is a rare find in most grocery stores, but it’s one of our absolute favorites. Easily recognized by its “top knot” and loose, bumpy skin, this is one of the juiciest, sweetest and easiest-to-peel citrus available, and one of the cleanest, too! You won’t find yourself covered in juice after peeling one of these babies.

• Grapefruit: Flavors range from tart to sweet depending on the variety, but a ripe grapefruit will be slightly reddish in color. The deeper the color, the more intense the flavor will be. Look for plump fruit that looks like it’s about to burst out of its skin.

• Clementines: These small, easy-to-peel mandarins are at their best when the fruit has a slightly flattened globe shape and its skin is glossy and bright. Unlike oranges and grapefruit, you should go for skin that is soft and puffy.

• Satsumas: Similar to clementines in size, satsumas are just a touch sweeter with a delicate texture. Don’t let color fool you, as many satsumas that are perfectly ripe still have a green hue to their skin. Go for soft and puffy skin here, too.

When buying citrus, look for fruit emits a strong citrus fragrance. Opt for heavier fruit – this shows that the fruit is at peak ripeness – and avoid fruit with damage or soft spots and fruit that’s much larger than average, as the flesh will often lack in taste. Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight or refrigerate.

Get your fill of citrus at Whole Foods at 110 & Bellevue; 465 South Arroyo Parkway or Whole Foods Hastings Ranch Shopping; 3751 East Foothill Boulevard.



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