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Wednesday, September 30, 2015 | 9:04 pm

When moving to a new town, it can be difficult to know where to send your kids to school. The unique selection of private schools in Pasadena offers new students and their families a dizzying array of choices.

While these options are great, they can also be overwhelming. After you’ve decided whether to send your child to a secular school or a religious one, there are still plenty of choices. From schools that emphasize sports to college prep schools to those with alternate grading systems, Pasadena has them all.

If you are new to the Pasadena area or just new to this type of decision these choices can seem daunting. Fortunately, there is someone who has been there before and knows her way through the maze of questions.

Her name is Aason Alms. She has already made these tough choices for her own family and now she feels it’s her turn to help Pasadena residents with their decisions. Her two main focuses are her work as a realtor at Partner’s Trust and her kids, so she really knows her way around the city and the schools. Aason is the unofficial local school expert in Pasadena.

“It’s not like there’s one private school in Pasadena,” laughs Alms. “You have a wide array of choices for K-8.”

“I sort of learned on the job as my kids are growing up. I learned an awful lot about [the private schools in Pasadena] the last 15 years.”

Pasadena has so many different school options available that it can be overwhelming for people who live in the area to decide and doubly daunting for people who just moved to the area. For over fifteen years, Aason has been a parent with children in local private schools and she has used this time to amass a huge database of knowledge and connections that she can share with people who are just starting out.

She knows that each school has its own atmosphere and not everyone is going to fit in one situation. She navigated these waters with her own children and told us “I’ve had friends who changed schools for certain reasons where their kids were better fit. You kind of learn how the whole school works.”

With her job as a real estate agent coupled with the experiences she has had when it comes to school it is easy to see why turning to her with questions is a logical step. “I feel like if I would work with somebody I would offer a non-biased feel because I can see the positives in all the schools”, she tells us.

Aason is definitely someone who can help anyone looking for a home or school for their child, consider her your go-to Pasadena school guru.

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