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168 is a Hit. A Very Palpable, Palatable Hit.

168 might be a relative newcomer in the local restaurant scene, but diners score it along with the best of 'em as floods of praise of 168's food and service overflow.

Published: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 | 10:51 PM

It is nice to live in a time where good food is just a phone call away, or a 5-minute walk down the corner. However, when it comes to great food, one needs to search a little bit harder.

But just a little. Fortunately, word of mouth plus the power of the Internet has made it somewhat easier to find where great food can be had.

Take the 168 phenomenon. In various review sites, food blogs, and what not, 168 has managed to build an online reputation that ranks among the top.

Some may scoff at the word “online,” but remember, in this day and age, getting positive online reviews is pretty much equal to real world reviews.

If one were to browse online reviews, one would discover that most have nothing but good things to say about the food and ambience of 168. One such poster, who has visited the restaurant seven times, has dubbed the restaurant his favorite. Saying he’s never had a bad meal in the place, and that the decor inside and out is very modern, elegantly appointed, with a great vibe.

Several others say pretty much the same, but adds the exceptional service.

As for the food, though many praise most of the dishes in the menu, there are some that are mentioned more than the others. Such as the Ginger Fried Rice (steak, tiger shrimp, red bell pepper, shiitake mushroom, syrup-marinated ginger, egg and jasmine rice), and the Miso Glazed Alaskan Black Cod (edamame sushi rice, stuffed Tokyo turnips, micro rice cracker, ginger, and ponzu).

There were also heaps of praises given to the sushi and sashimi, specifically pointing out how fresh it was. Another item on the menu that seems to be a hit is the sushi-tuna taco appetizer. A Japanese-Mexican fusion dish so tasty that many patrons can’t stop thinking about it (to the point of them dreaming about it every night!).

168 is the brainchild of executive chef and managing partner Hisashi Yoshiara, whose combined experiences preparing Pan-Asian, Cal/Asian, French, French/Japanese, and Italian has resulted in a fusion of flavors that is uniquely 168.

What makes 168 extra special though is that, as a personal project of Chef Yoshiara, his focus is on concocting the best cuisine based on his personal vision and tastes, rather than play it safe. This, combined with his rigorous attention to detail, Japanese minimalism, creative passion, and world-influenced palate, has made 168 one of the hottest restaurants in town.

Believe the hype. Want to taste what the fuss is all about? Head on down to 168 Restaurant at 168 West Colorado Boulevard, Old Pasadena, and prepare to have your mind blown and taste buds explode in delight.

To learn more about 168 Restaurant, visit or call (626) 793-8008 for more information.