210 Freeway/Gold Line Barrier Project Slated for Fall 2020 Construction Start

Published : Thursday, August 22, 2019 | 4:52 AM

The map above shows locations of 11 major incidents where crashes along the I-210 Foothill Freeway have resulted in damage to the Gold Line in recent years. Original image courtesy of L.A. Metro, update by Pasadena Now

[Upated]  Tall Gold Line barriers will come to those who wait.

An out-of-control car from the 210 Freeway has, again, landed on the Gold Line Metro tracks, and the answer to the question of exactly when the planned barrier between the two byways will be erected is finally set:  Fall 2020.

The mishap occurred Aug. 15, when a collision sent a car flying onto the tracks where it caught fire. The driver suffered minor injuries. The accident took place at about 6:15 p.m., near Sierra Madre Boulevard.

The Gold line was shut down for about two hours, according to media reports.

It was the eleventh such incursion onto a six-mile stretch of Metro Gold Line tracks by cars knocked from the 210 Freeway. Each time, the Gold Line has been closed, sometimes for weeks, in order to repair the damage.

In April, and in response, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) board of directors approved an additional $11 million into a barrier replacement project with a total contract value of $41 million.

It was reported at the time that a plan to construct stronger, taller barriers and install an intrusion detection system, turned out to be more complicated than Metro staff originally anticipated.

HOV lanes were to be pulled from operation on the freeway and tracks on the Gold Line would be shuttered too. Such actions signified an increase in pollution caused by the project which, in turn, required a more expansive environmental study than originally expected.

“We are making progress on this project,” said Metro Communications Manager Brian Haas.

Metro, he explained, just received approval from the California Department of Transportation on proposed stage construction plans for Project 1.

“Metro is still working with Caltrans on getting our Project 1 design plans approved,” said Haas.

Project 1 will run from Michillinada Avenue to the Iconic Bridge for about 1.5 miles along the I-210. Project 2 will span from the Marengo Tunnel to Michillinda Avenue.

Construction on Project 1 is expected to last 18 months from its fall 2020 starting date, said Haas. Project 2, he explained, “is about a year behind Project 1.”

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