A Rising Star in California Law

Published : Thursday, November 30, 2017 | 2:06 PM

Pasadena Now - Elizabeth Yang - A Rising Star in California LawWhat do electrical engineering, the Mars Exploration Rover, the B-2 bomber, patents and family law have in common?

Well, for starters, no matter how divergent they appear from each other, they were all influential in charting the legal career path of Elizabeth Yang, who is presently one of California’s fastest rising family lawyers.

Prior to venturing into law with the 2011 opening of Yang & Wang P.C., a boutique law firm in Los Angeles that ultimately gave life to her present Law & Mediation Offices, Elizabeth worked as an electrical engineer for the Raytheon Company which designed radar systems for the B-2 Bomber.

And now, the Law & Mediation Offices of Elizabeth Yang has branches in Downtown Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, as well as internationally.

As an electrical engineer, Elizabeth interned at the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab where she worked as a team member on the main control unit of the Mars Exploration Rover.

“My undergrad and my background is actually electrical engineering and computer science. I worked in the engineering industry for five years and I went to law school to learn about our government and legal system and how it works. I wasn’t planning on becoming an attorney, I was pretty happy as an engineer,” she said.

“After I completed law school and I was studying for the bar exams, a colleague of mine set me up for an interview at a large law firm and I got an offer that I couldn’t say ‘no’ to. So I gave it a try and that’s how I transitioned into law. I worked for big international law firms for a few years before deciding to come out on my own.”

In both 2016 and 2017, Elizabeth was awarded the “Top 100 Civil Lawyers” award and the “Top 40 Lawyers Under 40” award by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

This year, Elizabeth was recognized by Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers as a “Rising Star” ranking her in the top 2.5% of lawyers in California and also presented her with the Lawyers of Distinction award, recognizing her as the top 10% of lawyers in the United States.

According to Elizabeth, who started her legal career as a patent attorney, engineering and patent law are not worlds apart.

“I started as a patent attorney. Patent attorneys have to take the California Bar Exam, the State Bar Exam, [and] you also have to take an additional bar exam called a patent bar,” she said. “So in order to qualify for the patent bar, you have to have some kind of technical background. So if an attorney had a political science undergrad, they wouldn’t even qualify to sit for the patent bar exam.”

Elizabeth said her experiences as an engineer also proved quite instrumental in her handling of patent and intellectual property cases during the time she worked with the big law firms.

“So a majority of patent attorneys also are engineers, it’s actually quite a common theme. This is actually very related because it all deals with technology, cutting-edge technology,” she said.
Transitioning from patent law into family law, Elizabeth, who is a mother of two young children , said she understands and can relate to clients who are undergoing emotional divorces as she also drew strength and inspiration from her own divorce which took almost four years to be resolved.

“When I went through my divorce case, I went through five different attorneys and I felt very lost and it felt like there was no hope. So I don’t want any of my clients to ever have to go through what I went through. I’m there to support and encourage them to get through this dark stage in their life,” she said.

“My own personal divorce lasted approximately four years. So during that time I learned all the ins and outs and details about family law, child custody, child support, divorce, restraining orders, you name it.”

Elizabeth represented family law clients both efficiently and compassionately at various stages of litigation and trial. In 2015, Elizabeth earned her mediation certification from the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) and has assisted many combative litigants in resolving their issues through mediation and alternate dispute resolution.

“Mediation gives the parties an opportunity to settle the case outside of the court. Mediation is a lot more cost effective because there’s not as much back and forth briefing and then you don’t have to go to court and argue and prepare your case in front of a judge. You just sit down, you have a mediator facilitate the communication between the two parties and they talk and understand each other just by facilitating with the communication,” she said.

According to Elizabeth, her firm’s mission statement is, “We Treat Your Case As If It Was Our Own.”

“I really care about the clients that I fight for. Family law cases for example, it’s pretty much life changing what these parties are going through. So by being there for them during one of the most difficult and crucial times of their life and being able to help them through it is very rewarding for myself,” she said.

For more information about the Elizabeth Yang Law and Mediation Offices, please call (877) 492-6452 or visit yanglawoffices.com.




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