Active Pasadena Seniors Fitness Center Gets State-of-the-Art Makeover

Active Pasadena Seniors\' Fitness Center Gets State-of-the-Art MakeoverActive Pasadena Seniors\' Fitness Center Gets State-of-the-Art MakeoverActive Pasadena Seniors\' Fitness Center Gets State-of-the-Art Makeover


7:27 pm | August 28, 2017

Local seniors are more active than ever and now have state-of-the-art amenities to stay in tip-top shape thanks to a $60,000 grant from The Ahmanson Foundation that allowed the Pasadena Senior Center to revamp its Sy Graff Fitness Center with a variety of brand new workout machines.

The improvements and upgrades were celebrated in a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday. After the ceremony, Pasadena Senior Center members were able to try out the new machines –the first major overhaul since the fitness center was established nearly twenty years ago.

“We just have the gamut. It’s a really, really wonderful facility,” Pasadena Senior Center Executive Director Akila Gibbs said.

Pasadena Senior Center’s Sy Graff Fitness Center now has over 20 brand new, functioning and safe machines. These include state-of-the-art treadmills, a sit-down recumbent bike, an elliptical machine and weight machines.

The fitness center also features spaces for Cardio exercises and Strength resistance training. There’s also a separate room for free weights which include dumbbells of different weights, a five-foot barbell with weights, incline bench, flat bench, exercise balls and elastic bands.

According to Gibbs, the fitness center is a favorite among the more than 400 Pasadena Senior Center members.”It’s very popular,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs narrated that the center has five strength training classes that are offered year round. “That is so important as you age. It’s real important that you focus on strength and building muscle and that’s one of the reasons why we are so happy about all the weight lifting equipment here,” he said.

The Sy Graff Fitness Center is supported by volunteers who go through a well-defined routine before they are given independent charge, according to a press release.

The center offers an average of 50 unique class curricula each session, giving active seniors a variety of workout routines to explore.

The $60,000 grant was donated by The Ahmanson Foundation which serves Los Angeles County by funding cultural projects in the arts and humanities, education at all levels, health care, programs related to homelessness and underserved populations as well as a wide range of human services.

“Our equipment was over twenty years old and thanks to The Ahmanson Foundation and to some of our members, we were able to buy $60,000 worth of new equipment,” said Gibbs.

Annual membership in the Center for Seniors is at $45, but scholarships are provided for low-income seniors who qualify.

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