After 85 Years in Business, Pasadena Rug Mart Will Close its Doors in July

Published : Thursday, June 29, 2017 | 12:26 PM

This hand made, hand honed and carved sign comes from Monterrey California. It was made designed by request of beloved Monoc Efghanian son's founder of PRM,'1932-1952' Jim Efghanian back in 1952 which I restored it 1986 when I bought the business - Abbas Firouzi

Abbas FirouziOne of Pasadena’s oldest and renowned family owned rug stores –the Pasadena Rug Mart–will close its doors on July 30 after 85 years in business.

The decision to close was not an easy one given the circumstances of the passing away of owner Abbas Firouzi, the heart and soul of Pasadena Rug Mart last December..

“It’s a bittersweet feeling to let this beautiful, magical place go, but neither of us can run the business because of our personal commitments,” said co-owner and Firouzi’s wife, Nili Firouzi.

Pasadena Rug Mart 3rd“The store has meant so much to our family and it’s been such an integral part of Pasadena,” explained Abbas’ son, Neima Firouzi, who worked alongside his father for eight years, is now leading the close of the business and is helping carry the tradition of Abbas’ virtues and passion.

The Pasadena Rug Mart was established in 1932 at its current site located at 530 North Lake Avenue by Monoc Efghanian, until Firouzi, who grew up in Iran and was a third generation descendent of rug master weavers and merchants, purchased the business in 1986

Pasadena Rug Mart 4th“The rugs that we have come from all over the world” explained son Neima Firouzi. Furniture, paintings, fixtures, and other treasures from the shop’s corners are also at liquidation prices.

Abbas Firouzi spent his life travelling and seeking out new, old and antique handknotted rugs many purchased from local auction houses and estate sales as well as in travels to Germany and Switzerland, with original rugs from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Azerbaijan, China as well as French tapestries.

As part of the closing, the family has deeply discounted, up to 50 to 75 percent off, hundreds of handwoven rugs. The various designs seen on the rugs include Navajo, American folk, Kilim, Chinese, Art-Deco and traditional Tribal motifs, to name a few.

“This is a really unique opportunity to come in and experience this enduring craftsmanship and sense of place” said family member Maryam Hosseinzadeh who has been fond of the store since she was a child and urges people to come to the shop while they still can, as it offers a unique insight into Pasadena history and immigrant communities in Pasadena.

Pasadena Rug Mart“It’s really a pleasure to help my cousins pass the rugs on to people and make sure that Pasadena Rug Mart has a life that continues into people’s homes beyond the storefront,” said Hosseinzadeh.

The Pasadena Rug Mart will remain open for business until it closes its doors on July 30, including a special on cleaning and repairs. “We’ve minimized some of the tasks that we do, but we’d be happy to help out anyone with any sort of requests that they might have,” said Firouzi.

Until then, the store will stay active and open for business. Upcoming on June 23 at 8pm, the Rug Mart will even play host to a concert by SANGAM, an original duo featuring sitarist Paul Livingstone and cellist Peter Jacobson.

Pasadena Rug Mart’s hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. For more information, visit:





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