After Just One Day on the Job, Flippy is Taking Some Time Off

Published : Saturday, March 10, 2018 | 6:32 AM

Flippy is Taking Some Time Off

Flippy, the burger-flipping robot by Miso Robotics that just recently debuted at Caliburger’s restaurant in Pasadena, has taken its first extended break, a report in USA Today said.

The Cali Group said it was swamped with inbound calls from curious diners and potential robot buyers after word got out about their robot, which reportedly can grill as many as 2,000 burgers a day.

The company said the response was too much for them to handle and said they needed to spend more time on training their human staff to keep up.

Anthony Lomelino, Chief Technology Officer for the Cali Group, told USA Today that while Flippy held up its end of the deal, the restaurant is short of humans needs to prepare the patties for the grill and then pile on the lettuce and other ingredients.

Lomelino is now training the store manager about the ins and outs of working with robots – putting burger patties together, seasoning them, and prepping them for the robot to grab, grill, flip and making them ready for customers.

“Mostly it’s the timing,” Lomelino tells USA Today. “When you’re in the back, working with people, you talk to each other. With Flippy, you kind of need to work around his schedule. Choreographing the movements of what you do, when and how you do it.”

At Flippy’s Kitchen, Flippy’s work area inside Cali Burger in Pasadena, the robot is still on static display, USA Today said, and a sign says Flippy would be “cooking soon,” but just when was TBA – to be announced.

The restaurant was back to operating solely on it s human-run kitchen, the paper said.

Cali Burger said it hopes to have 50 restaurants open by the end of the year. After Pasadena, it plans to have a Flippy at its locations in Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Annapolis, Maryland.

Lomelino said his advice to other restaurants looking to enter the robotic revolution would be to get “ready for a whole lot of inbound calls.”

Flippy already had a few weeks of training at Cali Burger Pasadena, after the chain and Miso Robotics agreed on a venture that would give Cali Burger exclusive rights to the robot for six months.

Stephanie Cirigliano, a Miso Robotics spokesperson, said the company needs to perform tests on the robot “to make sure the location can fulfill a large number of orders.”

Cirigliano told USA Today that it will put Flippy back on burger duty next week, but only be for a limited time each day, to help cover the lunchtime shift.

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