Alverno Heights Academy Seniors and Freshmen Enjoy Big and Little Sister Lunch

Adrianna Russom, Nancy Alcala, and Julia DiversAdrianne Fuentes and Natalie LanderosAlice Xu and Luna LuAlyssa Marquez, Monica Calderon, and Lori Campos-MartelBella Villa and Maddy GarciaBryanna Marquez, Mikaela Godinez, and Neyssa CalderonDahlia Balsam, McKenna Lindheimer, Eva DomenghiniDanielle Heltsley and Izzy WallaceDestinee Kaya, Natalee Guerra, and Alicia HernandezEva Clark, Madison Ramirez, and Claudette VillegasIsabella Schuster, Denisse Recinos, and Brandy PosadasKaitlyn Lopez and Janet MazaKatherine Fong and Camille DahlgrenKatie La Corte, Sophia Davis, and Vikki AdamsKlea Mowrey and Sofi Ocana-DazaLily Cooper and Minta SloanLivi Burns, Vianni Barzallo, and Julia PevsnerMaddie Petersen and Makayla SandovalMaille Lara, Josie Beltran, and Kiera DeanMavis Chen and Connie LiuMerielle Dauz and Abby ChavezNeyssa Calderon, Cassie Lianto, and Desteny RodriguezSalia Baligh and Mia JiangShuman Chen and Iris ZhangYvette Serrano, Bella Lara, and Anais Rallion

Article and Photos courtesy of ALVERNO HEIGHTS ACADEMY

3:46 pm | September 19, 2019

Shortly after school officially started at Alverno Heights Academy, the Class of 2020 took on their first big act as seniors—welcoming their little sisters, the Class of 2023, to campus with a special picnic.

The picnic, held on the lower lawns of Alverno’s historic Villa del Sol d’Oro, started with a game to help the little sisters find their big sister. Each freshman was provided with a notecard that included a visual clue about her big sister and three questions to ask her. After picking a senior who matched the visual clue provided, the freshman proceeded to ask her three questions. If the senior answered yes to all of them, then she was her big sister; however, if she answered no to any of the questions then the freshman would have to move on to someone else who matched that visual clue. In the end all of the freshmen ended up finding their big sisters in under 15 minutes!

“It was great to finally be able to meet my little sister,” said Madison Ramirez ‘20, Alverno Student Union President. “I had a wonderful experience with my big sister as a freshman and I am excited to be able to share that same experience with my little sister. We have so many things in common and I am grateful that I get to help guide and encourage her during her first year at Alverno. It’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Following the reveal, the seniors took a picture with their little sisters in front of the famed Villa del Sol d’Oro that would later be presented to them as a gift. The girls enjoyed lunch on the lawns and the freshmen were able to take advantage of that wonderful senior wisdom and get all their Alverno questions answered. The girls will continue to enjoy these types of activities throughout the school year.

“The bonds that we see form between these girls over the next year are so important to their time at Alverno,” said Julia V. Fanara, Head of School. “Our seniors work hard to welcome our freshmen into the Alverno community and make sure they have a positive and exciting experience. We see their bonds grow and continue even after these seniors graduate and it is always nice to see them come back to campus to visit their little sisters year after year—it is a great example of the wonderful sisterhood at Alverno.”

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