Alverno High School Annual Candlelight Celebration Remains a Christmas Tradition

Adriana Nava, Alexis Winstanley, Ciara Madigan, and SantaAlexia Palomino, Izaura Avitia, and Gabby PradoBrianna and Tere BolinCorrine Jimenez, Susan Wooley, and Gary AllenDeon and Megan CavenderDina DerVartanian and SantaFelipe Nava, Ricarda Nava, Leticia Lopez, and William LopezHead of School Julia Fanara and SantaJavier, Emiliano, Sophia, Izaura, and Diego Avitia with SantaJeanine Santucci, LeAnn Zuniga, Jessa Tiedeman, Adriana Nava, Ciara Madigan, and Cynthia LeeJesse and Karyme MoralesJoanne and Natalie Scigliano and Marie CorriganKayla Robinson and LeAnn ZunigaMara, Marisa, Damon, and Caroline Dragos and Lynne RiveraMaria Jones, LeAnn Bechthold, and Amelia BechtholdMatthew, Nick and Audrey LuchettaMelody Wu, Feier Mo, and Kris WuNativity sceneRachel Cavender, Elisa Albelo, and Taylor ValenzuelaSanta, Natalie Scigliano, and Maria LuchettaVanessa Prata and Skylar Robinson

Article by ALVERNO HIGH SCHOOL | Photography by Belle n' Beau Photography

1:27 pm | December 18, 2014

On Wednesday, December 17, Alverno High School hosted its annual Candlelight celebration at the Villa del Sol d’Oro on campus. Candlelight Celebration, an annual Christmas tradition at Alverno, celebrates the Christmas story through a live reenactment beginning with the Annunciation and concluding with the Birth of Christ.

Upon arriving on campus, guests were be provided with a candle and led to south side of the Villa where the procession began with an introduction by the President and Vice-President of the Alverno Student Union and a tableau depicting the Annunciation of Mary. Guests were then led around the Villa making several stops on their own journey to “Bethlehem” including seeing Mary visit Elizabeth, the first stop at the Inn in Bethlehem, the arrival of Mary and Joseph at the stable, the birth of Jesus, and the visit from the shepherds and wise men. Each stop signified an important part of the Christmas story and guests were invited to join in Christmas carols led by the Alverno choir at each stop.

Once guests had reached “Bethlehem” on the north side of the Villa, they enjoyed two dance performances Alverno’s dance students before being invited into the Villa for a final choral performance by both students and alumnae. A festive reception in the Villa followed the procession and performances.

“Candlelight is a time-honored tradition at Alverno that brings our entire community together,” said Julia V. Fanara, Head of School. “It is a wonderful way to commence the Christmas season and remind us of the true meaning of the holiday. This event is an opportunity for Alverno to wish all of our friends, family, and community members a wonderful Christmas season.”

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