Alverno Welcomes Grandparents and Special Friends to Campus

Alexis Baro, Betty Donnelson, and Bob BaroAli Nolan, Hugette Crossno, and Carol NolanAllison Johnson, Cindy Gaus, and Bernie GausAmanda Pavon and Rosie AvilaAriana Micale and Lisa WoodwardBeatriz and Maria RivasBrianna and Rosa GomezBrianna Sanchez and Amalia RomanCaroline Romero and Cameron MartinezDaisy Evans and Brianna BolinEmma, Kenny, Judy, and Megan CavenderIrma and Sienna RamirezJack Burkhardt and Sabrina CristiJames and Moondera RabbJoyce and Julia LandisKathleen and Anna CramerKimberly Ganivet and Imelda RodriguezLaura Harlan and Kaitlyn ZandiLeila Moreno and Elsa MolinaLinda Coombes, Alicia Lindheimer, and Marilyn LindheimerLydia Alaoria and Anica QuizonMaria Elena Covarrubias and Jackie QuinteroMaria Luchetta and Joan WrightPolo Molina and Nalani MorenoRachel Casillas, Lara Bosak, and Rudolph CasillasSamantha Glassick and Josefina BetancourtSarah Wolfe and James FernandezSusie Koon and Lilly Pentecost


11:36 am | December 9, 2015

Alverno High School recently welcomed over 115 grandparents and special friends to campus to participate in Alverno’s annual Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day.

Grandparents and special friends were treated to a morning reception in the Alverno library before joining the rest of the student body for Thanksgiving Liturgy. The Liturgy, officiated by Father Tim Klosterman from St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, not only celebrated Thanksgiving but also called on students to be thankful for all of the wonderful lessons and memories they shared with their grandparents and special friends.

Following Liturgy, grandparents and special friends were invited to attend classes with their student hosts. While visiting classes, grandparents and special friends were encouraged to share stories about their own time as students, how the world has changed, and even how they got their grandparent nicknames! Grandparents and special friends shared how they spent their time as children and how times have changed. Some classes even issued assignments encouraging students to live more like their grandparents and special friends for a day by giving up technology and writing about their experiences.

After their classroom visits, the entire school community, including grandparents and special friends, enjoyed a Thanksgiving Feast on the lawns north of the Villa del Sol d’ Oro. The special event, organized by the Class of 2018 and Advancement Office, provided the entire school community with the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving together and share their gratitude for the many blessings in their lives.

“Our grandparents and special friends are not only important family members but wonderful teachers and role models,” said Julia V. Fanara, Head of School. “Each of them has played an important role in the development of the young women in their life and each has helped to mold them into the individuals they are. We are thankful to have their support in empowering each young woman to be exactly the person she wants to be.”

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