An Active Shooter Situation in Santa Clarita School Affects Some Pasadena City Employees

Published : Thursday, November 14, 2019 | 1:37 PM

An active shooter situation at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita that left two people dead and several others injured also prevented many of Pasadena’s 2,000 employees from getting to work on time Thursday.

Santa Clarita is roughly 33 miles north of Pasadena and is home to a number of Pasadena City employees.

Roughly an hour and a half after the shooting was reported, authorities said they had located the suspect, an Asian male wearing black clothing, and was no longer a threat. Authorities soon realized that the shooter, who shot himself in the head, was among the six people wounded.

After shooting 5 students, the teenage gunman turned the gun on himself, and is now in “grave” condition at a local hospital, Los Angeles County authorities reported.

Due to the number of Pasadena police officers and firefighters living in Santa Clarita, Pasadena went on standby status, ready to assist City employees.

Several City personnel were already at work when the event occurred, but City officials wanted to ensure that if any City employee needed to leave to take care of their families they could make that their priority.

Pasadena City spokesperson Lisa Derderian said that if employees were already at home and were affected by the shooting, City officials wanted to make sure employees know that “we’re here, anything we can do as a city to help them out.”

Derderian continued, “The employees that I have spoken with that live in that area, thankfully their kids are sheltered in place. The school districts were good about updating parents with their notification systems. And fortunately they are okay, but this is something that not just today, but for days to come could have an effect on not just the students but their families. And so being their extended family, as a city, we want to make sure we’re here for them today.”

Pasadena police sent a helicopter to assist and stood by with additional resources are needed.

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