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Pasadena Chapter of the Armenian National Committee of America Welcomes Vanadzor Delegation

Published: Monday, May 21, 2018 | 12:56 PM


On Thursday, May 10th, the Armenian National Committee of America – Pasadena Chapter hosted a dinner event at Hovhannes and Hripsime Jivalagian Youth Center in honor of City of Pasadena’s Vanadzor Sister City Delegation, which traveled to Vanadzor, Armenia, late August of last year.

The delegation was led by the City of Pasadena’s Mayor, Terry Tornek, and Pasadena’s Vanadzor Sister City Committee. The purpose of the trip was to extend goodwill and to advance cross-cultural ties between the City of Pasadena and the City of Vanadzor.

ANCA – Pasadena Chapter chairperson, Donig Donabedian, delivered the welcoming remarks before introducing the evening’s M.C., Pasadena City College Student Trustee, Emily Ekshian, who introduced the dignitaries and guests and thanked everyone for enhancing the relationship between the two cities.



The evening’s dignitaries included California State Senator, the Honorable Anthony Portantino; California State Senator Anthony Portantino’s District Representative, Arda Tchakian; City of Pasadena Mayor, the Honorable Terry Tornek; City of Pasadena Vice Mayor, the Honorable John J. Kennedy (District 3); Councilmember Gene Masuda (District 4); Councilmember Tyron Hampton (District 1); Councilmember Tyron Hampton’s District Representative, Antonio Cosby, Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) Board of Education Member, Roy Boulghourjian; PUSD Board of Education Member, Michelle Richardson Bailey; Pasadena City Treasurer Vic Erganian; Vice Mayor John J. Kennedy’s District Liaison and district Intern, Jana West and Patil Karakashian; Representing Los Angeles County Assessor Jeffrey Prang, David G. Gevorkyan; Pasadena City Recreation and Parks Commissioner and ANCA – Pasadena Chapter Chairperson, Donig L. Donabedian; Pasadena City Human Relations Commissioner and ANCA, Pasadena Chapter Board Member, Dr. Emma Oshagan; Pasadena Armenian Cultural Foundation Chairperson, Arman Baghdoyan; Reverend Fr. Boghos Baltayan of Saint Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church; Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial (PAGMC) Chairperson and ANCA – Pasadena Chapter Board Member, Shoghig Yepremian; City of Pasadena Sister City Committee Member, Michael Warner; Vanadzor Sister City Committee Chairperson and Armenian Relief Society, Sosse Chapter Chairperson, Taleen Hindoyan.



In order to explain the significance of what a sister city does, in this case, the Vanadzor Sister City Committee, it is a sub-committee of the Pasadena Sister Cities Committee, which is an official committee of the City of Pasadena. The Pasadena Sister City Committee has several sub-committees all linked to cities around the world, and Vanadzor is one of them. Most of the organization’s programs are financed through fundraising efforts of the membership. Such funds are used to help entertain foreign visitors, to arrange cultural exchanges, and, most importantly, to benefit the student exchange programs. The volunteer members have helped set a pace for the future by globally linking Pasadena with lasting friendships with our sister cities. This cross-cultural linking enriches each city with cultural, social, and economic benefits.

As the evening’s casual upbeat atmosphere progressed, California State Senator, Anthony Portantino, delivered buoyant remarks to the guests, as did Pasadena Mayor, Terry Tornek, who’s inspiring speech left the guests wanting for more, followed by Vice Mayor John J. Kennedy’s uplifting message.

As the sanguine event neared its conclusion, ANCA board member and secretary, Rita Abajian, invited each of the twenty-three members of the Vanadzor Delegation to the podium to be presented with a certificate of appreciation for their selfless dedication in advancing and strengthening the cross-cultural ties with the City of Pasadena and the citizens of our Sister City of Vanadzor, Armenia.

ANCA–Pasadena Chapter officials said they would like to thank Makardij Barbarian, Vrej Pastry and Remedy Liquor for providing the event’s delicious fare and wine. Our gratitude also goes out to Color Dots Printing for preparing and printing the certificates of appreciation.

The Armenian National Committee of America – Pasadena Chapter is the oldest, largest and most influential Armenian-American grassroots organization of its kind within the City of Pasadena. Founded in 1979, the Pasadena ANCA advocates for the social, economic, cultural, and political rights of the city’s thriving Armenian-American community and promotes increased civic service and participation at the grassroots and public policy levels. Visit their Facebook site for more updates: