And the Sip-tember Winner Is.... "The Forbidden, " by Old Pasadena's White Horse Lounge

Published : Friday, September 25, 2015 | 4:32 AM


The cocktail winner of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Sip-tember Finale best cocktail contest goes to: The Forbidden, by White Horse.

“We’re a new restaurant, three months old,” said Erik Intermil, co-founder of White Horse, “This is our first location, with more to come. We will be the hottest, youngest innovators in Pasadena,” he added, thrilled.

“Our drink was The Forbidden,” said White Horse’s bartender, Jason Yu, who put on quite a show mixing drinks. “Regardless of whether or not we won, I just wanted to get us on the map.”

Jason Yu seen prepping for his winning night Thursday at the Rose Bowl where his "Forbidden" cocktail concoction swept the voting and took the first place during the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce's Sip-tember contest.

According to Jill Adams, one of the guests attending the event tonight, Yu’s drink, The Forbidden, was “euphoric,” in taste and to watch being prepared. “The drink even catches fire at some point,” she said.

The event was held at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl and Paul Little, from the Chamber of Commerce, gave “a really strong thank you to Pasadena” for allowing them to use the space.

More than two-dozen restaurants and lounges participated, and the final four in the cocktail competition were: White Horse’s Forbidden Sour, Green Street’s Dos Amigos, dusitD2 Hotel Constance’s bluRoom Mojito, and Alondra’s Appellation.

Cristina Gonzalez, bartender from Alondra’s Hot Wings said what gave Appellation its special touch was the sweetness from the Honey Jack Daniels.

The winner of the Sip-tember finale was presented with a cocktail shaker, which according to Little, would be immediately taken back to engrave.

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