New Year's in August! Applications for the 2020 Tournament of Roses Royal Court To Go Online

Published : Sunday, July 28, 2019 | 3:23 PM

The 2019 Royal Court, before Rose Queen Louise was named: from left: Helen Rossi, Flintridge Preparatory School; Rucha Kadam, La Canada High School; Lauren Bayaline, Westridge School; Micaela McElrath, Westridge School; Sherry Ma, San Marino High School; Louise Siskel, Sequoyah High School; and Ashley Symone Hackett, John Muir High School.

The Tournament of Roses will make applications for the next Rose Queen available online starting Thursday, August 1.

The closing date for the application period will be Sept. 9, according to Tournament of Roses spokeswoman Candy Carlson.

She said somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 applications are typically received throughout the open application period.

All of the girls who apply will be given an in-person interview: that is, given 30 seconds to explain why they want to be on the Royal Court.

Those interviews are to happen on Sept. 7 and Sept. 9, according to Carlson.

The weeding out will then begin, each round of interviews getting more detailed about the thoughts and inspirations of the aspiring courtiers.

Carlson said this year’s process will no be different from the last, as the Tournament of Roses goes about the selection.

“It’s the 102nd Rose Queen,” she said as if to suggest the Tournament has pretty much gotten this down.

By Sept. 25, there will be a 2020 Royal Court finalists photo up and, five days after that, Sept. 30, the full-fledged Royal Court Announcement is to follow.

The Rose Queen Announcement and Coronation are to unfold on Oct. 22.

The application can be found here:, but, Carlson emphasized, not before Aug. 1.

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