Are You Taking Care Of Those Vineyard Tasks?

Published : Wednesday, May 23, 2018 | 12:23 PM

Praying and physically attending church are obvious signs of devotion to a higher power. But your personal cares are also important in keeping up the faithful side of your life.

Rev. Gregory Norton from the First United Methodist Church of Pasadena is a firm supporter in tending to daily devotions other than prayer. He believes that this can help raise your spirits and keep you believing – even when times are hard.

In a recent sermon, Rev. Norton, who has spent over 30 years serving churches in the local area, explored how personal piety is just as important as public and more obvious acts of faith.

“We live in a time where some people’s ethics and morality seem to be something that they’re making up as they go along,” he said. “Even people of faith seem unhesitant to place allegiance to a personality or to a political party above the wisdom that they have inherited from their faith tradition.”

He asked for people to become deeper, rather than simply strive to raise their intelligence or talents, and noted that spending time alone with God can actually make a person stronger and more reasonable.

There are, in fact, so many ways to practice devotion in your personal life. Rev. Norton spoke of three broad categories: family and private prayer, searching the scriptures, and fasting or abstinence. Activities that speak to each of these can include anything from journaling to sitting in a place of solitude and simply thinking.

He asked people to think of their relationship with God as a way of life and to think of being in a vineyard. In order to bear the most delicious fruit, you need to trim any distracting ‘branches’. This could be freeing up an overcrowded schedule, setting aside time from electronic devices or letting any grudges disappear from your mind.

Only then can you truly experience personal piety. You can watch the full sermon here:

Anyone is welcome at the First United Methodist Church of Pasadena. No religious background is required. As well as a traditional Sunday service, the church also holds youth schools, movie nights and fun activities for parents and can also help with nursery care for small children.

Visit First United Methodist Church of Pasadena this Sunday and say hello to Rev. Norton, and receive more important lessons on how to serve. Lessons that can be taken out of the church, and into your life as you walk down that road looking for clues and hoping for friends.

First United Methodist Church of Pasadena is located at 500 East Colorado Boulevard, in Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 796-0157 or visit

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