Assemblymember Chris Holden's 2017 Bills Clear Senate Appropriations Committee

Published : Friday, September 1, 2017 | 2:53 PM

Five of Assemblymember Chris Holden’s bills cleared the California State Senate Appropriations Committee today. The passing legislation includes Assembly Bill 17, which establishes a pilot Transit Pass Program to provide free or reduced cost transit passes for low-income K-12 and college students; Assembly Bill 726, which requires power companies to provide an opt-out energy alert program; Assembly Bill 959, which empowers families with special needs children; Assembly Bill 1239, which updated building standards to include electric vehicle charging infrastructure; and Assembly Bill 1567 that streamlines foster youth enrollment into educational assistance programs in California Community Colleges and California State University Programs.

Assembly Bill 17 (Holden) will create a pilot program to provide free or reduced cost transit passes for eligible students in California’s public higher education institutions, as well as public middle schools and high schools. If passed, the Transit Pass Program will ease the financial burden of college, reduce our state’s greenhouse gas emissions, and create more sustainable communities.

Assembly Bill 726 and 1239 aim to help consumers participate in efforts to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions. Assembly Bill 726 establishes and opt-out energy alert program that would give families more information about their energy usage so they won’t be surprised by high bills and can make smart conservation decisions. Assembly Bill 1239 makes electric vehicle charging stations more accessible in multifamily housing buildings that will increase access to zero emission vehicles.

Assembly Bill 959 empowers families in need of developmental services from regional centers. The bill requires the Department of Developmental Services to expand the type of information offered by regional centers on their website and describe the services offered in plain language for parents to understand. Regional centers will be required to include a link to the services and descriptions on their website.

Assembly Bill 1567 will facilitate data sharing between California Community Colleges, California State Universities, and the State Department of Social Services and county welfare departments to increase the number of foster youth who enroll in and utilize campus support programs.

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