Assistance League's "Very Important Performers" VIP Program Celebrates Pasadena Unified Middle School Students

Published : Wednesday, June 6, 2018 | 3:32 PM

Blair IB Middle School: Javier Rodriguez Salinas, Estefania Sanchez, Samantha Avalos Ruiz; Eliot Arts Magnet Academy: David Vega, Judith Jaquez Saavedra, Anthony Robinson; Marshall Fundamental Middle School: Erik Santana, Gabrielle Trice, Gabriel Medina; McKinley Middle School: Alexa Hernandez, Arturo Ramirez, Jada Hee; Sierra Madre Middle School: Seda Sahakian, Nicholas Montygierd, Sean Gowen; Washington STEAM Magnet: Bianca Pacheco, Destiny Robbins, Alejandro Montelongo; Wilson Middle School: Andrew Barrientos, Edvin Juan Simon, Christopher Perez; Assistance League of Pasadena: Michelle Chino, Julie Escudero and Lorraine Schield; Pasadena Unified: Dr. Marisa Sarian

Assistance League of Pasadena recognized the achievements made by 21 Pasadena Unified middle school students on May 9th at the “Very Important Performers (VIP)” celebration. Each of the seven Pasadena Unified middle schools selected students who had demonstrated dramatic improvements in academics, attendance, and citizenship. The goal of the VIP award is to provide encouragement to students who have chosen to get the most out of their middle school experience.

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