Assistance League’s “Very Important Performers (VIP)” Program Celebrates PUSD Middle School Students

Published : Thursday, March 21, 2019 | 5:52 PM

Blair IB Middle School: Alfonso Esparza, Dariana Santos Chinque, Kevin Escalante; Eliot Arts Magnet Academy: Aaliyah Gregory, Adan Villasenor Castillo, Celeste Torres; Marshall Fundamental Middle School: Elizabeth Valdez, Oscar Duenas, Christopher Nalbandian, McKinley Middle School: Ashley Valdez, Arayah Presley-Hill, Davina Balemagna; Sierra Madre Middle School: Paul Gowen, Caelin Calvert, Bryan Flores; Washington STEAM Magnet: Elizabeth Najera, Hector Mendez, Jennifer Bustos; Wilson Middle School: Justin Martinez, Bella Barrera, Sheily Bamaca; Assistance League of Pasadena Members: Cynthia Nelson, Mary Lou Langedyke and Ultra Soto-Rojas; PUSD: Dr. Elizabeth Blanco and Dr. Julianne Reynoso. Photo credit: Ellen Close

Assistance League of Pasadena recognized the achievements made by 21 Pasadena Unified middle school students on February 27, 2019 at the “Very Important Performers (VIP)” celebration. Each of the seven Pasadena Unified middle schools selected students who had demonstrated dramatic improvements in academics, attendance, and citizenship.

The goal of the VIP award is to provide encouragement to students who have chosen to get the most out of their middle school experience.

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