Avon Building Earns Expected Landmark Status

Council unanimously approves 1947-era Corporate Modern office building; the warehouse portion will be built out by new Home Depot sto

Published : Tuesday, November 19, 2019 | 10:55 AM


Editor’s Note: The original office building, built in 1947, sits at the extreme northeast corner of the site. Some of the newer (1970′s-era) buildings on the site have been demolished as part of the build into the new Home Depot retail store. The landmarking applies only to the original office building.


The Pasadena City Council Monday unanimously approved the 1947 Avon Products Company office building at 2940 East Foothill Boulevard for a City Landmark designation. The building will soon be the site of a new Home Depot store.

The motion for landmark status was made by Councilmember Gene Masuda and seconded by Councilmember Victor Gordo.

According to a staff report from the Planning and Community Development Department, the building exhibits “the characteristics of a locally significant property type, architectural style and period, and represents the work of an architect whose work is of significance to the City.”

The building is a locally significant example of a Corporate Modern style office building, and was designed by regionally significant architect Stiles O. Clements, the report noted.

The property site is nine acres, according to the LA County Assessor, and the total building size is 367,051 square feet.

Sue Mossman, executive director of Pasadena Heritage, told the Council, “You very much have our unanimous support for the historic preservation of this building.”

Mossman added, “We started out with a much grander idea for what might be historic on this site, but then we all agreed that it was the 1940s site that met the criteria, and we’ve been particularly pleased with the cooperation of Home Depot in working with us to preserve this corner building as part of its new store.”

Pasadena Heritage first submitted an application for landmark designation of the building on June 24. The Historic Preservation Commission recommended that the City Council approve the designation of the Avon Products Company office building at 2940 E. Foothill Boulevard as a landmark on September 17.

City staff then evaluated the property and determined that the original office building portion, circa 1947, qualifies for designation as a landmark.

Planning Director David Reyes noted that the property owners are looking for a “low-scale” company to take over the historic eastern portion of the site, while Home Depot continues to build out the larger 1970s section of the property, which has not been designated as historic.

While some interior changes may be made by the new tenant, said Reyes, any proposed changes to the facade would likely go back to the Historic Preservation Commission for approval.

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