Bicycle "Greenways" on City Streets Coming Up on Monday's City Council Agenda

So-called Bike Boulevards planned for four Pasadena streets

Published : Friday, August 23, 2019 | 4:35 PM

Cut down from the original 2015 proposal shown above, Villa Street has been eliminated from the plan currently under consideration. Map from City of Pasadena's Bicycle Transportation Action Plan, 2015

The Pasadena City Council will take up the matter of a consultant contract for the analysis and implementation of four bicycle “greenways” called for in the municipal Bicycle Transportation Action Plan (BTAP).

The Plan’s project corridors are:

• El Molino Avenue between Atchison Street and Bonita Drive
• Wilson Avenue between Washington Boulevard and California Boulevard
• Sierra Bonita Avenue between Washington Boulevard and Colorado Boulevard
• Craig Avenue between Orange Grove Boulevard and Del Mar Boulevard

The contract would be with KOA Corporation, a Monterey Park-based transportation planning and design company.

The traffic study and implementation plan that KOA Corporation will work on will evaluate the potential effects to travel patterns and traffic operations by the proposed roadway network modifications to the four study area bike boulevards found in the City’s BTAP.

This analysis will provide recommendations for alternative improvements if they are more feasible or similarly effective, the report said.

KOA Corporation’s contract will be in an amount not to exceed $101,000, which includes a base contract amount of $$91,803 and $9,197 for contingencies, the report showed.

Adopted in 2015 as part of the Mobility Element of the General Plan, the BTAP serves as a guiding document for bicycle infrastructure improvement opportunities throughout the City.

The BTAP provided specific improvement recommendations, including buffered bike lanes or cycle tracks for five east-west corridors, and bicycle boulevard supportive infrastructure for five north-south corridors.

A staff report from the Department of Transportation said that, while some of the improvements have been implemented, the project will provide an updated and more detailed guide for bicycle infrastructure improvements to the four north-south corridors.

One of the five north-south BTAP corridors, Holliston Avenue, will be improved as part of the ongoing Union Street Protected Bike Lane project and as such is not included in the scope of the project, the report said.

KOA is one of four companies that submitted proposals for the project after the City issued a Request for Proposals in June.

Last year, KOA was awarded a $23,952 purchase order for the North Fair Oaks Avenue Traffic Study. They also have a three-year, on-call project management services contract with the Department of Public Works for $200,000 annually.

The vote is scheduled to come along with other Consent Calendar items listed in the full City Council agenda – which means they all can be approved by one motion and one vote Monday night.







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