Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, Cyber Monday: Save Some, Because Next Comes "Giving Tuesday"

Tuesday is a time to think of others, to come together for those in need

Published : Sunday, December 1, 2019 | 5:49 AM

While Giving Tuesday is a day to celebrate donations to charitable causes and groups in the community, the people of Pasadena know that there are 365 days a year to give.

Giving Tuesday traditionally follows the busiest shopping holiday of the year, the Thanksgiving weekend, which sees retailers enjoying a boost from Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and shoppers exhaust piggybanks.

Since Pasadena has more charitable organizations per capita than anywhere in the western United States, it’s no surprise that many Pasadenans really do seem to believe it is better to give than to receive.

But, organization members and volunteers say, Giving Tuesday shouldn’t be the only day of the year to actually give back by donating time, money, goods or support.

“Our clients don’t always have the opportunity to celebrate holidays like most people do and we’re all human beings,” said Helen Angove, operations manager for Friends In Deed. “Every human ought to have the same opportunities to celebrate and live a good life. That’s something we try to make happen at Friends In Deed. We work with low-income and homeless individuals and families. We provide services to low income and homeless individuals, including a food pantry, bad weather shelter and homelessness prevention services.”

The group’s annual fundraiser is Jazz on the Green and Friends In Deed has a winter appeal which starts right after Thanksgiving.

The American Armenian Rose Float Association honors people who do good work throughout the year, by putting them on the float during the Rose Parade.

“Each float tells a story and talks about the history of Armenia,” said Arthur Kokozian, founding member of American Armenian Rose Float Association, which has had a float in the Rose Parade for the last five years, winning three awards in that time. “We spotlight to the entire community by opening up volunteering because we’re one of the few organizations that are open to everybody. When they come decorating we have sometimes four generations coming together and it’s our teamwork and our volunteers are rewarded by going on the float.”

The Gamma Zeta Boule Foundation awards scholarships to young men who make a difference. Ramsey Jay, Jr., the president of the Gamma Zeta Boule Foundation said it’s important for like-minded groups to come together with other charitable minded organizations.

“It’s an opportunity to be a candidate for those who are making the day a philanthopic initiative,” Jay said. “Individuals with causes can register for one of the organizations. It’s a way to aggregate the philanthropic community around Giving Tuesday.

“The benefit for the organization and what we do is it allows us to more broadly introduce our mentorship to philanthropists they might never get to meet ordinarily,” he said. “That connection is made around a day like Giving Tuesday. The second benefit is, it’s a way for us to more broadly support our individual efforts, it’s an organic way to find supporters. There’s an organic partnership when people see your name and can reach out. Then you take the next step of engagement and find there you have like minds. ”

Kidspace Children’s Museum said it’s a great idea to promote giving on Giving Tuesday so that young people can learn the meaning of charity.

“As a nonprofit, one of Kidspace’s top priorities is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn through play,” said Christine Franke, Chief Development Officer of Kidspace Children’s Museum. “Support from the community strengthens the annual fund, providing the resources needed to make the museum’s informal educational environments, hands-on learning activities, and “Kidspace for All” access programs possible.

“On Giving Tuesday, and every day, we encourage people to make a gift to help the museum deliver life-changing moments, every day for every child.”

In Pasadena, the range of charitable organizations allows you to select groups which support causes close to your heart.

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