Blair High School Students Create “No More” Public Service Announcements

Blair High School Students Create Public Service Announcements for Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Published : Friday, April 14, 2017 | 11:06 AM

Blair High School’s Career Tech Education (CTE) student Evan Harper models for a PSA project about Sexual Assault Awareness for April 2017. Photo by student: Amara Young.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and students in Blair High School’s Career Technical Education (CTE) Photography, Film and Video classes are creating public service announcements (PSA) using photos and videos to educate their community of followers via social media about the epidemic of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Steve Solis, the CTE digital arts teacher facilitating the project at Blair High School, stated, “One of my goals for this project is to engage students to participate in a cause outside of themselves while educating them about the seriousness of sexual assaults among their peers.”

The students were instructed to emulate the campaign, which helps raise public awareness and engage bystanders in ending domestic violence and sexual assault. Mr. Solis’ photography students used the campaign as a template to create their own PSAs. Students were assigned to create a series of three photos to share via their Instagram or SnapChat Stories.

“As an activist, sending a message of empathy and raising societal consciousness is extremely important to me,” said Yale University-bound senior Deon Brown. “As an artist, I find ways to share this message in the best way possible. This project has given me the outlet to do so.”

Another student, senior Amara Young, who has not yet decided which college to attend, stated, “Through this project, I have learned about the stigma surrounding sexual assault and domestic violence victims. The No More Campaign has made it clear that we as a society should make the shift from blaming the victims to blaming the perpetrators.”

In his classes, Mr. Solis showed news clips and testimonies from sexual assault victims along with segments of “The Hunting Ground,”, a groundbreaking documentary about the epidemic of sexual assaults on American college campuses.

“Some of our seniors are headed to universities where sexual assault crimes may have been suppressed. I want to make sure my seniors, as prospective college students, do their homework about any safety concerns they may have about assaults on college campuses,” said Mr. Solis.

Mr. Solis’ digital arts students have been working on their public service announcements for the past two weeks. Their photos and short video spots are scheduled to be completed by Friday, April 14, 2017. Videos will be posted at Viking Vision Blair High School.

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